The Lockdown Reviews

By 33anda3rd 33anda3rd
updated about 5 hours ago

Locked down. So I'll try to play, briefly review and rate my record collection.

There is some logic to the order, though it might not seem like it

  1. Kraftwerk - Neon Lights

    55 For Sale from $14.75

    I like to give it a spin in the early dark.

  2. Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over (Extended Version)

    15 For Sale from $7.52

    The extended version just has a couple of minutes of strumming at the beginning of the regular song.

  3. Dee C. Lee - See The Day

    1 For Sale from $3.23

    This has Weller's paws all over it. I like the TSC covers and the remix. 3.5/5 stars.

  4. Ben Watt With Robert Wyatt - Summer Into Winter

    15 For Sale from $10.74

    Light and shimmery, rhythmic electronic turns that kind of point where Watt would later take EBTG. 3.5/5 stars.

  5. Billy Bragg - Greetings To The New Brunette

    1 For Sale from $18.44

    Shirley is a taste of things to come. The rest I can take or leave.

  6. Eek-A-Mouse / Lue Lepki* - Virgin Girl / Lovers Take Over

    7 For Sale from $6.00

    I have this for the Wah Do Dem version, just the first half of side A.

  7. Kraftwerk - Tour De France

    21 For Sale from $6.99

    A bit techno and not really up to the level of previous LPs.

  8. The Style Council - Shout To The Top

    2 For Sale from $80.00

    Worth having for the Instrumental and for the cruisy Piccadilly Trail

  9. Lloyd Cole And The Commotions* - Rattlesnakes

    3 For Sale from $7.49

    Sweetness is the only non-album track. 3.5/5

  10. The Style Council - Boy Who Cried Wolf

    3.5/5, a couple of decent club mixes

  11. The Style Council - It Didn't Matter

    Starting to get good and funky here, right through from the remix to the instrumental version and the closer. Nice and bouncy.

  12. Agustus Pablo* - Crucial Burial

    4 For Sale from $28.28

    Don't know much about this other than it settles into the right rhythm pretty quick and takes it from there. Dubby enough with little melodies to hang on.

  13. Robert Wyatt - Shipbuilding / Memories Of You / Round Midnight

    47 For Sale from $3.05

    Four stars for Shipbuilding, the old Thatcher-era protest song, I really enjoyed listening to that today. Two for the rest, a bit of a drag.

  14. The The - Uncertain Smile

    17 For Sale from $4.00

    I used to have this on a tape recorded from a radio show back in the '80s which got played a lot. Very different from the album track.

  15. The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes

    The live B-side of Faith, from the Australian tour as a three-piece, is worth the admission fee.

  16. The Human League - The Lebanon

    1 For Sale from $4.18

    Nice instrumentals.

  17. Human League* - Life On Your Own

    Great extended version of a top tune.

  18. The Human League - Open Your Heart / Non-Stop

    3 For Sale from $6.45

    Not really sure what Rushent was aiming for on the instrumentals here, verging on the fairground in parts.

  19. The Human League - Don't You Want Me

    3 For Sale from $14.65

    I like the dub version on this. And Seconds.

  20. The Human League - Fascination

    I could only give two stars to the Chris Thomas mix, but the dub B side saves it.

  21. Elvis Costello - Veronica

    9 For Sale from $2.94

    You're No Good and The Room Nobody Lives In are O.K. non-album tracks. And it has a poster I guess.

  22. The Cure - In Between Days

    1 For Sale from $20.43

    ... without you. Yeah, yeah.

    Two rough and ready tracks on the B side here, both worth a listen.

  23. Massive* - Unfinished Sympathy

    35 For Sale from $5.38

    The Oakenfield mixes don't add anything to the original for me. The instrumental is all good if a little anodyne.