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List of CD packaging curated for the Material Aspect, an exhibition at Anderson Gallery, Drake University, Des Moines, IA. Sept. - Oct., 2013

  1. Ólafur Arnalds - ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness

    21 For Sale from $9.00

    ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness, 2010 
Artist: Ólafur Arnalds
    Label: Erased Tapes Records
    Design: Jónas Valtýsson
    Notes: Packaged in gatefold with booklet.

  2. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Vrioon

    3 For Sale from $22.25

    Vrioon, 2002
    Artist: Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
    Label: Rastor-Norton
    Design: Olaf Bender, Carsten Nicolai and Ken Nibori

  3. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto With Ensemble Modern - Utp_

    Utp, 2008
    Artist: Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
    Label: Rastor-Norton
    Design: Olaf Bender, Carsten Nicolai and Ken Nibori

  4. Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha

    36 For Sale from $2.00

    Armchair Apocrypha, 2007 
Artist: Andrew Bird
    Label: Fat Possum Records
    Design: Quemadura
    Andrew Bird Photograph: Cameron Wittig
    Bird Photographs: Lynne Roberts-Goodwin

  5. The Antlers - Burst Apart

    17 For Sale from $2.02

    Burst Apart, 2011
    Artist: The Antlers
    Label: Frenchkiss Records
    Design: Zan Goodman
    Cover Photo: Justin Hollar

  6. The Antlers - Hospice

    11 For Sale from $2.27

    Hospice, 2009
    Artist: The Antlers
Label: Frenchkiss Records
    Design: Darby Cicci
    Illustrations: Zan Goodman

  7. Audioafterbirth - Commbine

    5 For Sale from $2.94

    Commbine, 1992
    Artist: Audioafterbirth
    Label: Emigre Music
    Design: P. Scott Makela

  8. Autechre - Draft 7.30

    31 For Sale from $5.76

    Draft 7.30, 2003
    Artist: Autechre
    Label: Warp Records
    Design: Alexander Rutterford
    Notes: Issued in a standard jewel case with four stiff card inserts.

  9. Autechre - EPS 1991 – 2002

    16 For Sale from $33.89

    EP's 1991 - 2002, 2011
    Artist: Autechre
    Label: Warp Records
    Design: Designers Republic
    Notes: CDs are individually enclosed in gatefold cardboard slipcases with debossed track titles. Entire compilation enclosed in rigid cardboard case with artist, title and catalog number debossed on face and spine.

  10. Baroness - Blue Record

    32 For Sale from $4.29

    Blue Record, 2009
Artist: Baroness
    Design: John Dyer Baizley
    Illustration: John Dyer Baizley

  11. Baroness - Yellow & Green

    79 For Sale from $3.57

    Yellow & Green, 2012
Artist: Baroness
    Cover Illustration:John Dyer Baizley
    Interior Illustration: Paul Romano
    Lettering: Aaron Horkey

  12. Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique

    19 For Sale from $2.20

    Paul's Boutique, 1989

    Artist: Beastie Boys

    Cover Photography: Nathaniel Hornblower
    Cover Photo Assistant: Dominick Watkins, Jeremy Shatan, Matthew Cohen
    Sleeve Photography: Ricky Powel

  13. Beck!* - Odelay

    57 For Sale from $0.99

    Odelay, 1996

    Artist: Beck
    Art Direction, Design – Beck Hansen, Robert Fisher
    Collage Images: Al Hansen, Manuel Ocampo, Zarim Osborn
    Inlay Painting: Manuel Ocampo
    Photography: Nitin Vadukul
    Cover Photo: Ludwig

  14. Beck - The Information

    36 For Sale from $1.00

    The Information, 2006
Artist: Beck
    Art Direction: Gerard Saint
    Art Direction & Design: Mat Maitland
    Artist Co-ordination: Greg Burne, Richard Newton
    Artists: Adam Tullie, Aleksey Shirokov, Ari Michelson, David Foldvari, Estelle & Simon*, Gay Ribisi, Genevieve Gauckler*, Han Lee, Jasper Goodall, Jody Barton, Juliette Cezzar, Kam Tang, Kensei Yabuno, Melanie Pullen, Mercedes Helnwein, Michael Gillette, Parra, Vania Zouravliov, Will Sweeney

  15. Binary Race - Fits And Starts

    5 For Sale from $2.35

    Fits and Starts, 1991
    Artist: Binary Race
    Design: Emigre Music
    Notes: Front cover made of transparent paper with type printed in reverse.

  16. The Body (3) - All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood

    2 For Sale from $12.97

    All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood, 2010 

    Artist: The Body
    Design: Joshua White
    Photography: Kara Healey

  17. Boris (3) - Amplifier Worship

    6 For Sale from $13.57

    Amplifier Worship, 2003

    Artist: Boris
Design: Mk Ultra Blizzard (Stephen O'Malley)

  18. Boris (3) - Heavy Rocks

    23 For Sale from $8.24

    Heavy Rocks, 2011
Artist: Boris
Design: Fangsanalsatan, SOMA (Stephen O'Malley)
    Photography: Miki Matsushima
    Logotype: Furuyong
    Notes: CD foldout with lyrics and three different 'cards' (for each band member) for front cover.

  19. Boris (3) - Pink

    17 For Sale from $6.00

    Pink, 2006
Artist: Boris
Artwork: Blake & Durer
    Design: P. C. B.
    Notes: Jewel case packaging includes three 'acid tabs'

  20. Boris (3) - Smile

    36 For Sale from $3.53

    Smile, 2008
Artist: Boris
Design: Stephen O'Malley
    Illustrations: Nene
    Photography: Miki Matsushima

  21. Boris (3) With Michio Kurihara - Rainbow

    14 For Sale from $5.29

    Rainbow, 2007
    Artist: Boris with Michio Kurihara
    Design, Cover Photograph: Naomi Yang
    Photography: Noriko Koshida

  22. Boris (3) With Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave

    9 For Sale from $4.99

    Sun Baked Snow Cave, 2005
Artist: Boris with Merzbow
    Design: Stephen O'Malley

  23. The Breeders - Pod

    26 For Sale from $2.49

    Pod, 1990
    Artist: The Breeders
    Design: v23 - Vaughan Oliver
Photography: Kevin Westenberg

  24. The Breeders - Last Splash

    71 For Sale from $1.00

    Last Splash, 1993
Artist: The Breeders
    Art Direction, Design: v23 Vaughan Oliver
    Design Assistance: Paul McMenamin
    Photography: Jason Love, Kevin Westenberg

  25. Mara Carlyle - The Lovely

    30 For Sale from $1.29

    The Lovely, 2004
    Artist: Mara Carlyle
    Label: Accidental
    Design: Jon Forss, Kjell Ekhorn
    Notes: Comes in hard-cover cardboard case with 20-page artwork booklet.
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