The Muppets

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Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Lew Zealand
Dr. Julius Strangepork (“Pigs In Space”)
Bobo The Bear
Crazy Harry

Bob Payne
Brian Meehl

Richard Bradshaw-GUEST Season 1,Episode 22 (2-15-1977)
Shields & Darnell- GUEST Season 2,Episode 3
Phyllis George- GUEST Season 4, Episode 12
Peter Mayhew- GUEST Season 4, Episode 17

  1. Creator of The Muppets.

  2. The crew!

  3. The main amphibian!

  4. Her saucy porkness!

  5. Waka Waka Waka!

  6. 7
  7. Bork Bork Bork!

  8. Telling it like it is!

  9. Meep Meep Meep Meep!

  10. Gonzo’s “ladies”!

  11. The coolest cats in the Muppet universe!

    Not on Discogs-

  12. The ultimate “ham” actor!

  13. Beaker
    Link Hogthrob
    Sam The Eagle