The Queue - Hip-Hop

updated about 1 year ago

West Coast. East Coast. Midwest. Southern. Gangsta, Thug, Conscious, Jazzy, Boom Bap, Trap, Crunk.

Anything hip-hop related in this queue, old, new, good, bad, critically acclaimed, critically hated.

This will likely be the longest queue.

==================== THE QUEUE ====================

The queue contains records that I SHOULD be listening to, prioritising over fleeting moments or distractions. I'll most likely keep a lot of items from the queue.

Rules for entering the queue, listen to at least 1 track (at least 30 seconds) to gain an idea of the release (may be horrendously inaccurate!). If I seem to dig it at the time of listening to it, it joins the bottom of the queue - no matter how good it is.

Queue must be processed from 1 to whatever number this list reaches in length.

After a maximum of 5 "spins" if I don't jam with the record (even if I might possibly dig it later) that record must exit the queue, making way for new material.

If this list is not updated within 1 year, then feel free to PM me with some abuse about me being a lazy shit, and to stop listening to the same record for a complete year.

  1. Cormega - Mega Philosophy

    Conscious, political, social commentary, boom-bap, soulful.

    Already known: Industry

  2. Big K.R.I.T. - Cadillactica

    Southern, modern, slightly pop.

    Already known: Cadillactica, Lac Lac, Mt. Olympus

  3. Drake - Nothing Was The Same

    Pop, modern, R&B vibes, polarizing

    Already known: Hold On, W'ere Going Home, Started from the Bottom, Pound Cake

  4. Ghostface Killah - Fishscale

    Mid 2000s, non-glam hip-hop, ex-wu

    AK - Whip You With A Strap

  5. Hi-Tek - Hi-Teknology²: The Chip

    Conscious, jay-dee beats, soul samples

    AK - Music For Life

  6. Guru - Jazzmatazz (Streetsoul)

    Jazzy hip-hop

    AK Certified

  7. Logic (27) - The Incredible True Story

    Logic, pop, gambino feel

  8. Copywrite - Blood, Bath, and Beyond

    4 For Sale from $11.99


    AK - Narduwar's Cousin

  9. Tha Alkaholiks - Coast II Coast

    Mid 90s hip-hop, classic album, west coast

  10. Mos Def - The New Danger

    Concious, political

    AK - Sunshine

  11. Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty

    Late 90s, classic

  12. Scarface (3) - The Fix

    Gangsta, concious

  13. Cam'ron - Purple Haze

    AK - Down and Out

  14. The Game (2) - The Documentary

    AK - Where I'm From, How We Do, Hate It Or Love It