The Top 25 Beach Boys Records

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  1. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

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    What else can be said of this masterpiece? Not only is this the greatest Beach Boys album, but it is arguably the greatest pop album ever recorded. The best appraisal of Pet Sounds I have heard comes from Andrew Loog Oldham (onetime manager and producer of the Rolling Stones): “I was raised in an agnostic family, and Pet Sounds actually gave me faith." This album is about as close to perfection as any pop record has ever come.

  2. The Beach Boys - The Smile Sessions

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    Unfortunately, this legendary "lost" album did not see official release until 2011, but bootlegs began emerging in the 1970s, and tracks from these sessions began to appear on subsequent Beach Boys albums. Its influence cannot be understated, and as Henry Rollins said, "Sonically, the album is one of the best things you are likely to hear in all of your life. There are moments on Smile that are so astonishingly good you might find yourself just staring at your speakers in unguarded wonder, as I have." This box set would go on to win the Grammy Award for Best Historical Album.

  3. The Beach Boys - Sunflower

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    Sunflower is arguably the best album to be officially released by the Beach Boys post-Pet Sounds. It is also the band's most democratic effort. On this album, we see the songwriting talents of Dennis Wilson flourish, along with great contributions from Bruce Johnston, and of course, beautiful melodies courtesy of Brian Wilson. Released during a period when the American public had turned their back on the group, it sold very poorly, but it has been critically acclaimed in retrospect.

  4. The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Today!

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    The Beach Boys Today! was a major artistic statement for Brian Wilson. The first album to be released following his infamous nervous breakdown, Today! is recognized for its sophisticated, orchestral approach, and is now seen as a precursor to Pet Sounds. According to author Scott Schinder, "Today!'s suite-like structure, with the album divided into a side of fast songs and a side of ballads, presented an early manifestation of the rock album format being used to make a cohesive artistic statement – an idea that Brian would soon explore more fully."

  5. The Beach Boys - Wild Honey

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    Following the exhausting Smile sessions, and two months after the release of the lo-fi Smiley Smile, the Beach Boys released an album, according to Carl Wilson, with "music for Brian to cool out by." The result was Wild Honey; often referred to as the Beach Boys' soul album. Like other post-Pet Sounds albums, Wild Honey was not a commercial or critical success. Robert Christgau, however, wrote that it was "perfect and full of pleasure" and ranked it at number 10 on his (somewhat reluctant) list of the best rock albums.

  6. The Beach Boys - Endless Summer

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    The compilation that relaunched the group's career and introduced them to a younger audience, also pigeonholed them as a nostalgia-soaked touring band. The album itself, however, is arguably the best collection of the Beach Boys' early hits. It eventually reached number one in the United States, and spent 155 weeks on the Billboard albums chart. Today, it serves as the perfect introduction for new listeners looking to discover Brian Wilson's early songwriting and production talents.