The Top 3000 Records (1940 - 2022)

By Top3000Records
updated 2 days ago

Collecting and ranking three thousand albums is no simple task.
The data gathering and reduction were performed by hand, personally.
The opinions of Industry professionals, global critics, and the Discogs community assisted in scoring the albums.
Neither sales figures nor awards are included in the algorithm.
Superb examples of all titles were played in my home prior to grading.
Estimated month of completion: September 2029.

This project could not happen without the Discogs collectors and the dozens of sellers who aided in my acquisition of rare titles.
Thank you!

And now, the list! (So far...)

  1. “...What’s Going On is a radical miracle of pop music, an alignment of talent and messenger unlike anything before or since.” (Moon, 2008)

  2. “This carefully sculpted and lavishly arranged set of songs is Wilson’s most ‘mature’ music-making – and represents the high-water mark of pop craft in general.” (Moon, 2008)

  3. “Cobain thrived on a malcontent’s outsiderness, and from that perch, gave a whole bunch of people reason to believe in rock and roll again.” (Moon, 2008)

  4. “…it’s a stupendous display of pop imagination that evaporates immediately, leaving you at once immediately satisfied and yearning for more… like the Beatles themselves.” (Moon, 2008)

  5. “…honoring the material is what makes ‘Revolver’ utter perfection, at once the wildest and most cohesive listening experience the Beatles ever created.” (Moon, 2008)

  6. “’Kind of Blue’ is … the sound of musicians honoring the simplicity of a setting by listening closely, playing less, and saying more.” (Moon, 2008)

  7. “’London Calling’ is as if somebody had dared to open a window in the House of Punk, letting in bits of the outside world for the first time in too long.” (Moon, 2008)

  8. “Get caught up in the endless tireless analysis and you can miss the very meaning of music, so beautifully expressed by John Lennon in that dreamy voice from across the universe: ‘I’d love to turn you on…’” (Moon, 2008)

  9. "Its conjoining of words and blues is so delirious and convoluted and evasive; its enduring allure cannot be pinned down." (Moon, 2008)

  10. “…Dylan summons a raw, overtly wounded tone that magnifies the feeling behind the words; there’s no misunderstanding the vulnerability…” (Moon, 2008)

  11. “…the Stones appear… as scrappers, tearing through mean old blues tunes and throwaway two -chord riffs in search of a less restrictive rock and roll language. The result: one of the most intense studio albums in rock history.” (Moon, 2008)

  12. “Hearing [it] now, it’s impossible to miss those Velvet fingerprints on so much of the music that came after – glam, noise, punk, and grunge, not to mention the fervent poetry of Patti Smith and the odd shadows of R.E.M.” (Moon, 2008)