The Ultimate Breaks, Bass & Bleeps List

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Welcome to my Ultimate Breaks, Bass & Bleeps list.

This is an exhaustive guide to every bass & bleep track that I know of. Ranging from the cult and classic to the forgotten and obscure, you're sure to discover some cool releases that you never knew about back in the day. The years covered are 1987 - 1994.

A big shout out goes to Bass & Bleep specialists: 8892sales, 8anana, BUNKERHEADZ, Dara, kleeez, moogacid, Nits, scherben, spa5tik0lonz and TEKNONUTTER. Many thanks for all your additional help and contributions to the list. Nice one guys.

Total amount of records in list at time of edit:767

Peace and respect to all the old school Bass & Bleep bods.

Leon (aka ' justice808 ' , ' funk_wid_it ' & ' RealFreshBlog ')

Bass! Bleep! Blip! Bloop!

  1. Cyclone - A Place Called Bliss

    A1.A Place Called Bliss (Last Thursday Mix)
    B1.A Place Called Bliss (Dub Mix)

    Network Records classic!

  2. Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom / Ozone Breakdown

    Classic breaks and bassline track!

  3. Sweet Exorcist - Testone


  4. Greed - Give - Me

    AA.Give - Me (Bleep Mix)

  5. Cabaret Voltaire - Percussion Force

    A3.Don't Walk Away (Robert Gordon Remix)
    B1.Dynamic Zone
    B2.Jazz The Computer (Part 1)
    B3.Keep On Pushin' (Version)

  6. Orbital - Omen Remixes

    A1.The Chariot
    A2.The Tower
    B1.Wheel Of Fortune
    B2.The Fall

  7. Baby D - Day Dreaming

    A1.Day Dreaming
    B1.Day Dreaming (Can You Handle It Mix)

    One of the few bleep tracks to contain a full vocal!

  8. LFO (2) - Sonic Attack

    B1.'Lord Of Light'

  9. Return Of The Living Acid - Twin Tub

    A1.Twin Tub
    A2.Appliance Of Science

  10. Recall - I've Seen Things

    A1.I've Seen Things
    B1.What Power Do You Bring

  11. The Predator - Outer Limits

    A1.Outer Limits (Andromeda Mix)
    B1.Outer Limits (Destruction Mix)
    B2.Outer Limits (House Version)

  12. The Neutral Zone - Outer Space

    A.Outer Space (Moodily Introed Then Jazzily Bleeped Mix)
    AA.Outer Space (Moodily Introed, Then Bumpily Rattled And Jazzily Bleeped Mix)

  13. Project 1* - Project 1 EP

    AA1.A Few Dollars More

  14. Cabaret Voltaire - Easy Life

    B1.Easy Life (Very Strange Mix)
    B2.Easy Life (Strange Mix)

  15. Hannibal Lecter - Volume 3

    A1.Bass And Bleeps

  16. Dimension (3) - Flatline

    B1.The Bass Is Bleeding

  17. Epoch 90 - V.L.S.I. Heaven

    A1.V.L.S.I. Heaven (Zone Mix)
    A2.V.L.S.I. Heaven (Dub Mix)
    B1.V.L.S.I. Heaven (Zoop Swing Mix)
    B2.There Can Only Be One

  18. Turntable Overload - T.T.O.

    A1.T.T.O. (Fantasy UFO Rage On Mix)
    B1.T.T.O. (Mad Bastard O.T.T. Mix)
    B2.T.T.O. (Masters Of The Universe Shepherds Delight Mix)

  19. Man Machine - Man Machine

    A1.Man Machine (Cybernetik Intevention)
    B1.Man Machine (Automatik Elektronik)

    Original Man Machine Versions.