The Ultimate Breaks, Bass & Bleeps List

By funk_wid_it
updated 10 months ago

Bass! Bleep!

Welcome to my Ultimate Breaks, Bass & Bleeps list.

This is an exhaustive guide to every bleeps n bass track that I know of. Ranging from the cult and classic to the forgotten and obscure, you're sure to discover some cool releases that you never knew about back in the day.

Note:The first 300 records or so are all pure, bonafide '89 - '91 bleeps n bass tracks. All the other tracks after this are various dance genres that happen to have some kind of 'bleepy' bits in them. I have been thinking for a while now that it may be better to do a separate list to put these additional tracks in, and I may still do that at some point, but for now I'll keep them all in the same list.

A big shout-out goes to bleeps n bass specialists: 8892sales, 8anana, BUNKERHEADZ, Dara, kleeez, moogacid, nebkins, Nits, scherben, spa5tik0lonz and TEKNONUTTER. Many thanks for all your additional help and contributions to the list.

Respect to all the old school bleeps n bass bods.

Leon (aka 'justice808' & 'funk_wid_it')

Blip! Bloop!

  1. 12 For Sale from $2.47

    B1.Jack's Back

    A bleeps n bass record from 1987 I hear you shout?! Nope, not really, but be sure to check 'Jack's Back' on the flip for proto bass & bleeps. It all starts here. Not everyone will agree of course, but that's different opinions for you.

    Mark Brydon and Robert Gordon on the mix.

  2. 21 For Sale from $2.17

    B2.Acid Deluxe

    Another proto bleep(y) tune.

  3. 3 For Sale from $92.59

    A1.Only The Begining
    B1.The Theme (Original 1988 Version)

    Big up to the Bradford old-school posse!

    Welcome to the very first bleeps n bass tune proper, and from 1988 no less!

    'Only The Begining' is actually the very first original, early raw take version of 'The Theme'; no bleeps on this mix but it still has the all important bass.

    As far as I know, you can only find it on this release, therefore making it both rare and expensive with good reason.

    'The Theme' (Original 1988 Version) is the same version that later appears on their first release for TEN / 10 Records.

    All hail Unique 3 for creating the bleeps n bass sound!

  4. 55 For Sale from $16.30

    A1.LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix)
    AA1.Track 4
    AA2.Probe (The Cuba Edit)

    The best, most famous and ultimate bleeps n bass track of them all!! Not to mention being the reason for hundreds of bust speakers up and down the country LOL

  5. 17 For Sale from $30.86

    A1.Confidential - Jam The Frequency

    London based Catt Records put out some fantastic releases from 1989 - 1991.

    'Jam The Frequency', released in 1990, is in my all-time top 20 bleeps n basslist.

    Certainly a must-have!

  6. 5 For Sale from $78.57

    Fancy piano with your bleeps, sir? Here's a nice laid-back bleepy tune (if there is such a thing?!) that rides a nice infectious piano riff, drifting strings, a ragga sample, sub bass, breakbeats and melodic bleeps.


  7. 18 For Sale from $15.12

    A1.Ital’s Anthem (Trebledown-Bassup Mix)
    B1.Science (1st Mix)

    Classic '90 bleeps n bass pressure out of Leeds. Surely has to be one of the most popular (not to mention most memorable) bleeps n bass tracks ever!

    Also be sure to check 'Dreams' from their 1992 'One Day' EP on Outer Rhythm Records. Not too well known (attow), it's also a great bass n bleeper! I'm guessing it was also written in '90 or '91.

  8. 22 For Sale from $9.88


    Excellent three tracker by Peter Duggal.

    BTW, his Doggy - 'Pysche' / 'Dog's Dinner' 12" on the same label is also worth checking out.

  9. 16 For Sale from $12.35

    A1.Drums Of Freedom
    A2.Ready 2 Rumble
    A3.Ever Changin Tones
    B1.Spirits Dem A Come
    B2.Brace Yourself
    B3.I Got Cha

  10. 24 For Sale from $7.96

    A1.Bass Generation
    B1.Non Stop Techno
    B2.Move Your Body

    Ubik are also known as Hi-Ryze and Autonation.

    The electro influenced 'Bass Generation' is the stand out cut for me.

    This EP comes 100% recommended.

  11. 2 For Sale from $108.70

    A1.Doin Damage
    A3.Free Your Mind
    B1.It's Detromental

    For me, one of the best bass & bleep eps of all time, albeit with a slightly harder Belgium techno influence. But each and every track does indeed do damage and the bonus is it's out of steel city - Sheffield!

    And be sure to check the other two records out from these guys, ok? You won't be disappointed.

  12. 21 For Sale from $13.04


    One of the first northern bleeps n bass classics. All bleep headz will know this one.

  13. 6 For Sale from $22.60

    A1.Let It Roll
    A2.Dextrous(Original Demo Mix)

    Quite rare and sought after first release from Leeds crew Nightmares On Wax.

    'Let It Roll' was only ever released on this limited white / not on label promo 12".
    Also contains the very first original demo version of 'Dextrous' - the one with the female 'Voodoo Ray' sample - before being signed to Warp records.

  14. 9 For Sale from $30.86

    B1.Teckno Driven

    'Teckno Driven' is a lost gem!

  15. 9 For Sale from $37.02

    A1.How To Stay Alive
    B1.Kick The Break In

    While most northern bleeps n bass cuts seemed to contain raw and sparse drum machine programming in the tradition of both Chicago house and Detroit techno, it seemed quite a lot of the southern bleeps n bass tracks took on a defiantly more breakbeat driven direction. Nothing wrong with this of course, unless you don't dig breakbeats, as the bleeps n bass were still very much present and correct. The sampled breakbeats simply added a new b-boy flavor.

    This excellent two tracker is quite obscure and unknown apart of obsessive breakbeat / bleeps n bass collectors. I don't even remember hearing this much back in early '91 (I'm guessing it was played much more down south?), so it's really hard to say how much support it got back then.

    Either way, a top-notch breaks, bleeps n bass 12" !

  16. 7 For Sale from $26.54

    B1.Happy Dance

    'Happy Dance' was always better known, more popular and played out a lot more, but 'Zombie' is also a very cool, pure breakbeat bleep tune. This one is a classic for me.

  17. 14 For Sale from $16.50

    A1.The Tracking System
    B2.Section Two

    Essential bleeps n bass 3 tracker (the other track is not a bnb track).

  18. 23 For Sale from $20.00

    A1.Sit On The Bass
    B1.Music Inside Your Mind

    Very good bleeps n bass sounds mixed with the new and emerging harder Belgium techno influence.

    Has vocal samples from Chicago house tracks:'Music Inside My Mind' - E-Smoove and 'Sit On The Face' - Muffman.

  19. 24 For Sale from $13.81

    A1.Come To Papa
    B2.U = Underground

    Classic, raw and minimal 4 tracker on this cult label out of Luton.

    The stand out is the classic bleep track 'Come To Papa'.

  20. 34 For Sale from $13.58

    A1.Man Machine (Forgemasters Cyber - Subsonik Mix)
    A2.Man Machine Forgemasters Elektro - Genetik Mix)

    The Forgemasters mixes are excellent!
    Classic from '89 that everyone should know.

  21. 14 For Sale from $6.52

    A1.I Like Techno
    A2.We Like Tekno

    B-Boy breaks meets bleeps!

  22. A1.Pressure
    B1.Pressure Dub

    Another massive Bassic records classic...on a deeper, dubbier tip!

  23. 22 For Sale from $9.24

    A1.Lethal Weapon
    AA1.Sweet Talk
    AA2.Saftey Zone

    Did Catt Records put out some excellent records or did Catt Records put out some excellent records? This cult and obscure label was London's answer to Sheffield's Warp Records. Be sure to check all releases from CATT 006 onwards. 100% Essential.

  24. A1.Module 220
    AA1.Me And You Against The World Eh Mate.

    One of those obscure white label not on label EPs that always seem(ed)s to have cult status among bleeps n bass / breakbeat collectors.

    Stand out tracks IMHO are the cool bleep tracks 'Me And You Against The World Eh Mate' and 'Module 220'.

  25. 20 For Sale from $5.43

    B1.Thoughts Of Tomorrow

    Produced by Roger Sanchez. 'Thoughts Of Tomorrow' has very deep 'Reese bass', dark ominous chords and wicked bleeps.