The Ultimate UK Acid Trax List (1988 - 2000)

By funk_wid_it
updated about 1 year ago

This list is a guide to all UK Acid Trax. The years covered are 1988 - 2000.

Respect to all Roland TB-303 lovers.

Leon (aka 'justice808' & 'funk_wid_it')

Acidize it!!
Get right on one, matey!!!

  1. 91 For Sale from $2.00

    B1.Let Me Go! (Instrumental)

  2. 9 For Sale from $65.00

    A3.Dancing Ghosts

    One of the very first tracks to combine the Roland TB303 and Roland TR808. Talk about a match made in heaven!

  3. 3 For Sale from $32.14

    Rare 1984 proto UK Acid cut!

    FYI: This cut was actually left off the original UK Electro LP on Street Sounds Records.

    Produced by Greg Wilson.

  4. 3 For Sale from $36.59

    Cool Electro / Acid cut from 1986.

  5. 32 For Sale from $1.03

    B2.It's Raw

    Dope UK Acid right here!

    This is (for me at least) one of the best UK Acid tracks.

  6. 17 For Sale from $22.67

    A1.Dream 17
    B1.Nightmare On Dream Street
    B2.Dream Slumber

    Ultimate UK Acid classic!


  7. 30 For Sale from $3.66

    This is the first pressing of this classic.

    Nice raw, bassy original version =) ;)

  8. 58 For Sale from $1.96

    Or two tunes in this case (the other two tracks are not all that IMHO) but A1 and B1 are both UK Acid classics.

    A1.Ecstasy (Wherever You May Be)
    B1.Track This

    'Track This' was co produced with Detroit's Derrick May.

  9. 5 For Sale from $45.38

    Produced by Richard H. Kirk.

    Rare 12".

  10. 39 For Sale from $4.02

    A2.Show Me What You Got (Acid Mix Pt. 1)
    B1.Show Me What You Got (Acid Mix Pt. 2)

    Another UK Acid gem!

  11. 28 For Sale from $18.56

    Everyone should know this classic!

  12. 25 For Sale from $1.91

    B3.Ingram Inc. - Zone (Acid Club Mix)

    Nice acid version that was exclusive to this '88 compilation. Made by Kurtis Ingram who also did the amazing 'It's Raw'. It seems not a lot of people know about this one!

  13. My copy is on TEK Records.

  14. 14 For Sale from $3.09

    B2.Acid Deluxe

    Wicked understated UK acid (almost bleep!) track.

  15. 17 For Sale from $8.92

    One of my fave UK Acid Tracks = )

  16. 7 For Sale from $10.98

    A1.Christmas Tree (Acid Cracker)

    "I like you. You like me. Put me on your Christmas tree!"

  17. 34 For Sale from $3.09

    Classic UK Acid track!

    'So Fine' was sampled by a few big name New York producers back in the day.

  18. 66 For Sale from $0.93

    B1.There's An Acid House Going On

    I was very surprised to hear just how cool this version was back in the day! What a total surprise when you consider it wasn't mixed by anyone well known for doing acid.

  19. 40 For Sale from $1.55

    B1.Ride The Rhythm (Acid Not Placid)

  20. 51 For Sale from $0.59

    A1.Oochy Koochy (Konrad Cadet Mix)
    B2.Flowers Full

  21. 42 For Sale from $3.96

    B3.L.E. Bass - Acid Bitch (Bitch Mix)

    In my top 10 UK Acid Trax records.

  22. 58 For Sale from $1.96

    B1.Release The Acid (Dog Frequency)