The best I've got

By bigbudukks bigbudukks
updated 11 months ago

These albums are the best I have bought over the years. Some I have been listening to since I was a young boy, some I have discovered at least fairly recently. All of them are albums that I consider worthy of my time.

  1. The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono

    24 For Sale from $620.00

    What can I say? I grew up with The Beatles. When I was 6 years old they were on Ed Sullivan for the first time and i have been listening to their music ever since. It's great to have their music the way they meant it to be heard.

  2. Bessie Smith - Any Woman's Blues

    53 For Sale from $1.23

    The queen of the blues man.

  3. Billie Holiday - Songs For Distingué Lovers

    11 For Sale from $50.00

    This is Billie Holiday man. Need I say more? And this pressing is reference quality.

  4. Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks

    20 For Sale from $69.69

    The last Dylan album really worth hearing in my opinion. He was as good as he had ever been.

  5. Bob Dylan - The Original Mono Recordings

    14 For Sale from $195.00

    Wow. For an old hippy like me it's hard not to like this. Dig it.

  6. Bukka White - Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

    3 For Sale from $16.16

    Fixin' to Die Blues is to me the best blues song ever recorded. The emotion is palpable and the visions it entails are almost real enough to touch.

  7. Cecilia Bartoli, András Schiff - The Impatient Lover

    2 For Sale from $4.40

    The best music she ever recorded. It's too bad she didn't record it in analog. This album is as good as hearing her live.

  8. Claire Lynch - Silver And Gold

    6 For Sale from $6.33

    The lady had talent!

  9. Disturbed - Believe

    41 For Sale from $1.75

    It may be apocalyptic death metal but goddamn what a good album. There's real talent here.