The most complete list with Uplifting Trance / Nitzh o Not

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Releases (either CDs or MP3s) about Uplifting Trance / Nitzh o Not genre

  1. Cyan (4) vs. Psycho Meditation - Transistance

    5 For Sale from $48.18

    RATING 5/5

    released at 1998 this VS. is totally mindblowing. on the one hand we have the typical Goa sounds from Psycho Meditation, and on the other hand we have the Goa-Nitzh mixed sounds from Greek Masters of this genre, Cyan

  2. Various - Transistance 2 - Electrobuddhism

    2 For Sale from $46.99

    RATING 5/5

    TRANSISTANCE going further with vol.2 and another great compile , full with Goa influences, Nitzh and powerfull Uplifting melodies

  3. Various - Transistance Vol 3

    1 For Sale from $19.28

    RATING 5/5

    the most successful of the TRANSISTANCE series, features the well known track WEAVER , but every track in this compilation is unique and excellent

  4. Various - Transistance Vol 4

    RATING 5/5

    the success of the TRANSISTANCE series lives on. excellent tracks , except Lunacy-Heaven which is a bit out of the style of the rest powerfull tracks. Cherouvim and Cyan's teaching a lesson on how Nitzh/Uplifting should be

  5. Various - Transistance 5

    10 For Sale from $8.95

    RATING 4/5

    following already 4 extremely successful CDs, the compile of Transistance is going on another way, from the one that should follow. now there r tracks out of the core style, including Darma's Sinaya's and Dementia's tracks, also Star Children's track is below average. leading tracks : Time Traveller, Yellow & Disorder. Nevertheless Red Circle was also a huge hit

  6. Various - Transistance 6

    4 For Sale from $9.58

    RATING 3/5

    the downfall of TRANSISTANCE series goes on. after a "turn" about the compiled tracks at vol 5, we r now facing a massive change about the style at vol. 6. tracks that have nothing to do with neither Uplifting nor Nitzh, are now into an "uplifting compliation". of course im speaking about Sonar,Multispeed and Anill. Best track here is Love Spirit, and Gabriel follows

  7. Various - Transistance 7

    1 For Sale from $42.05

    RATING 3/5

    the style that we saw at vol. 6, is kept at vol. 7 (unfortunately). track from Cyan , which was already released back at 1998 at MEDIEVALS EP, is featured here, so that people will see the best group into a CD (meaning get lured to bought it since Cyan together with Cherouvim were the top groups from Greece). tracks 9 and 10 have nothing to do (again) with this genre. slightly better than tr6 but still a way down from the glory age of vol1 to vol4

  8. Various - Transistance 8 - The Uplifting Experience

    4 For Sale from $9.64

    RATING 3/5

    people are already tired from the changes that have been made into these series. same boring style, with the exception that tracks here r Uplifting but in another way...the europian style (like Eternity, Dolphinus Voices etc.). leading tracks : Tinutik, and the remix from Star Children of Dying Seas

  9. Various - Transistance 9 - The Uplifting Force

    3 For Sale from $9.58

    RATING 3/5

    a nice effort, not enough though to bring up a bit of good old style we all loved, such as at Clockwork & Warp. yet same style which is uplifting, just not our uplifting

  10. Various - Transistance 10 - Defenders Of The Faith

    1 For Sale from $17.95

    RATING 2/5

    the "tombstone" (which we were facing , through time, since 2001) is already here for this genre, only tracks that r saving from this awful situation here are Neutral and Blue Mystic

  11. Various - Transistance 11

    1 For Sale from $18.07

    RATING 1/5

    oh dear... who is (well was) making such compile?? dat is not Uplifting... only Eclipse is saved

  12. Various - Transistance 12

    2 For Sale from $15.66

    RATING 1/5

    well, nothing to see (listen) here... a total rip of our beloved genre

  13. Various - Melodic Morning

    2 For Sale from $30.12

    RATING 5/5

    following the success of TRANSISTANCE series, another series was born, MELODIC MORNING, the first one was a total 10/10 in everything. heavy and powerfull tracks such as New Light, Melod, Thirsty for Life, and the awesome Unreal

  14. Mike Dee (2) - Melodic Morning 2 - The New Breed Of Uplifting Trance

    1 For Sale from $14.34

    RATING 5/5

    vol. 2 moves on the steps on vol. 1 (about the success), bring different types of tracks but totally Uplifting. exception are the last 2 tracks. black dream has same style with heaven from Transistance 4 (a bit out of style from the rest) and Jelly & Balls is more Goa than uplifting.

  15. Mike Dee (2) - Melodic Morning 3

    3 For Sale from $30.12

    RATING 3/5

    2001 was a peak for not only Transistance but Melodic Morning too. MM3 is a nice effort but some tracks r following the style of tracks from T5 which brings a lot of "complains" at the uplifting "army". downfall for MM also started

  16. Various - Melodic Morning 4

    1 For Sale from $13.86

    RATING 2/5

    same way like MM3. Project Earth rises the points for MM4 but others tracks like Run,Ultra r giving MM4 bad rating. also Fire track is out of uplifting style

  17. Various - Melodic Morning 5

    2 For Sale from $10.24

    RATING 2/5

    Leave me Alone is a huge surprise for the uplifting massive, a much more better comp than vol. 4 even if tracks like Snug and Ravel r from the "awfull" side of uplifting

  18. Cyan (4) - Medieval Tales EP

    5 For Sale from $3.01

    RATING 5/5

    who can say anything bad for the Greek masters of Uplifting/Nitzh/Goa Trance? only those who dont listen at this genre :) the first CD from the best group that this genre met

  19. Cyan (4) - Beast From The East

    10 For Sale from $24.08

    RATING 5/5

    influence from Goa and Nitzh style with Uplifting melodies, brought up the unique style of Cyan. magnificent

  20. Cyan (4) - Braindance

    3 For Sale from $32.53

    RATING 5/5

    closing the gaps, this CD is more Uplifting and Goa, than Nitzh, yet Cyan have brought us another cd with unique tracks

  21. Cyan (4) - Medieval Tales II

    10 For Sale from $6.02

    RATING 5/5

    just wow... the success of Cyan is huge, and there is no doubt why... back at 2000 u could listen at every uplifter's home MERLIN playing all the time, and of course all the tracks from the cd

  22. Cyan (4) - Transmission

    7 For Sale from $21.08

    RATING 5/5

    Cyan tried here to follow the rest of the world, but still their unique style remained. Daylight is the leading track , followed by Space Cadet. of course , Farewell live mix is full with Cyan's biggests hits

  23. Darma vs Star Children (2) - Trance Wars - Battle One

    3 For Sale from $9.64

    RATING 4/5

    the first battle showed a , without second thought winner, Star Children, following the core style of Uplifting. Darma on the other side, made a nice effort, but their style belong to...another audience.

  24. Star Children (2) vs Space Odyssey - Trance Wars 2 - Battle II

    2 For Sale from $12.05

    RATING 4/5

    vol. 2 of the well known battle. difficult to pick. track by track Space Odyssey have more powerfull tracks, thought at overall tracks Star Children have the quantity at the good tracks

  25. Darma vs Demendia* - Trance Wars 3

    3 For Sale from $13.25

    RATING 3/5

    Darma again to spoil the compilation.. also Gulotri track is like it came from nowhere... 3 out of 8 tracks worth