Top 10 Oi Albums

By zaiuspunx zaiuspunx
updated over 3 years ago

Top 12 Oi LP records. No "greatest hits" or compilation records and only one record per band, which made things tough. Lots of great Oi LPs didn't make the list, I might have to make it top 20. No mess, no fuss, just pure impact!

  1. Cock Sparrer - Shock Troops

    1983 "Riot Squad" "Take 'em All" "We're Coming Back"

  2. Blitz (3) - Voice Of A Generation

    1982 "We Are the Boys" "Voice Of A Generation" "Warriors"

  3. Evil Conduct - Sorry... No!

    2000 "I Know The Trick" "Judgement Day" "The Way You Wanna Live"

  4. Templars* - Phase II

    1997 "Make Your Mark" "I Still Remember" "Waiting For The Blood To Flow"

  5. The Last Resort - A Way Of Life - Skinhead Anthems

    1982 "Skinheads In Stapress" "King Of The Jungle" "Violence In Our Minds"

  6. Cockney Rejects - The Power & The Glory

    1981 "The Power & The Glory" "On The Streets Again" "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

  7. Perkele - No Shame

    2002 "No Shame" "Voice of Anger" "Heart Full Of Pride"

  8. The Business - Suburban Rebels

    1983 "Suburban Rebels" "Real Enemy" "Drinking And Driving"

  9. Red Alert (3) - We've Got The Power

    1983 "We've Got The Power" "S.P.G." "It's Me Boys"

  10. Vanilla Muffins - The Drug Is Football

    2003 "The Gang From Kannenfeldpark" "No Punk Rock In My Car" "The One And Only"

  11. Bishops Green - A Chance To Change

    2015 "Specter" "Government Lies" "Defiance"

  12. The Ejected - A Touch Of Class

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    1982 "Young Tribes Of England" "Fast 'N' Loud" "Class Of '82"