Top 10 Trance Albums

By fabriknos fabriknos
updated over 6 years ago

  1. Sven Väth - Accident In Paradise

    My hero, the German "Papa" Sven Väth - his debut album is one of my biggest inspirations and while not necessarily "trance" all the way through, it is still at the top of this list. This was the first time I heard music like this and I will never forget its impact. Ritual Of Life, L'Esperanza, Mellow Illusion and Accident In Paradise may not be my favorite tracks on their own, but how they all work together on this release is nothing short of perfection. A classic, in every sense of the word.

  2. Cosmic Baby - Stellar Supreme

    Cosmic Baby had a huge influence on what would become trance, progressive or otherwise, and here on Stellar Supreme we get a taste of the mastermind's sound. Ambient, acid, emotional trance of the highest caliber - one of my favorite albums from the 90s.

  3. UnionJack* - There Will Be No Armageddon

    Simon & Claudio combine to produce one of the 90s best trance albums, with massive singles such as Two Full Moons & A Trout and Red Herring, and the less popular but equally good Cactus and Fromage Frais. One of my most played trance albums - never to be duplicated.

  4. Art Of Trance - Wildlife On One

    Simon Berry, torchbearer for quality trance in the 90s. Wildlife on One is an instant classic. So many good tracks - Kaleidoscope is in the top ten trance tracks of all time, for sure. Incredible production throughout!

  5. L.S.G. - Rendezvous In Outer Space

    It's impossible to pick the "best" Oliver Lieb album, but in terms of classic trance, this might be it, if for nothing more than it was his debut release as L.S.G. - a name that would cause ripples in the trance scene for many, many years.

  6. Earth Nation - Terra Incognita

    Sven Väth's oft-overlooked studio partner in the 90s, Ralf Hildenbeutel, co-produced this mesmerizing, moving and powerful album that embodies the Eye Q sound better than most. I will never get tired of this album.

  7. Resistance D - Ztringz Of Life

    A beautiful album, a shame that no one makes music like this anymore. This is one of the most honest and pure trance albums, before it got commercialized and raped by the music industry. Listen, and be inspired.

  8. Spicelab - Lost In Spice

    Another OL entry to the Top 10, not surprisingly. This is what aliens on distant galaxies listen to. Pure space trance of the highest caliber and an all time classic.

  9. System7* - Power Of Seven⁷

    Not exactly trance, not exactly techno, not exactly ambient... but a little of each, and that is what makes System 7 so great. Power of Seven is still my favorite of theirs and deserves a top 10 mention without question.

  10. Solar Fields - EarthShine

    EarthShine made my top ten because it is so damn creative and the breath of fresh air I needed in 2007 when everything sounded stale and trite. Words can't express how detailed and powerful this album is - listen to understand.