Top 10 - Very Popular "Music" That Sucks

By spinmarket spinmarket
updated 9 months ago

  1. Kid Rock

    This guy actually made millions doing a half-assed uncreative rap over Sweet Home Alabama. Gen X officially jumped the shark with this brain-dead RV-dumptank repairman.

  2. Skrillex

    If this guy can play an instrument he hasn't shared it with anyone. Most of his shit sounds like Marky Mark falling down the stairs while trying to change his ringtone.

  3. Justin Bieber

    This auto-tuned egomaniac should retire from music before his fans get old enough to realize he's got nothing.

  4. Kanye West

    Why anybody ever paid attention to this borderline personality with a beat escapes me.

  5. David Guetta

    Everything sounds like background music for an unlimited talk and text commercial.

  6. Ed Sheeran

    If John Mayer played his guitar with his feet and recorded a Coldplay outtake for a McDonald's commercial marketed to Girl Scouts, you would get an improved version of Ed Sheeran.

  7. Katy Perry

    Another bland overproduced pop star who will lose her fan base once they reach the age of reason.

  8. LCD Soundsystem

    The kind of music you have to brainwash yourself into liking.

  9. 9



    The most overhyped band to come out of the 70s. Take away the theatrics and marketing and you've got a likeable garage band that should still be playing bars in Michigan.

  10. Mötley Crüe

    Capable musicians that manage to be less than the sum of their mediocre parts.