Top 100 Italo-Disco

By hysteric hysteric
updated over 3 years ago

For some maybe not the greatest or most important italo records, but my personal favourites.

  1. City-O' - Rose Of Tokyo

    Everything I love about italo-disco captured in one track.

  2. Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love

    6 For Sale from $17.05

    One of the most underrated italo records.
    Killer uptempo track that was something of a crossover hit in LA discotheques during the mid to late 80's.

  3. Bagarre - Lemonsweet

    4 For Sale from $38.64

    A psychedelic italo trip. Truly unique.

    54, 54, 54, 54...

  4. Gary Richard - That's Mine

    Beautiful downtempo melancholy track with hard-rocking flute solo.

  5. Diux - Comet

    5 For Sale from $263.16

    the best Time Records release

    haunting vocals and epic synths

  6. Giak - Inside You

    7 For Sale from $17.05

    romantic and melancholy tear-jerker with beautiful surrealist cover art.

  7. Telex News - Forever / Flash Back

    4 For Sale from $33.98

    one of the greatest vocals in italo-disco