Top 100 Italo-Disco

By hysteric hysteric
updated over 2 years ago

For some maybe not the greatest or most important italo records, but my personal favourites.

  1. Jaco (3) - Spanish Run

    Love or hate it, the popularity (and rarity) of this one is undeniable.

    The first appearance of Ken Laszlo (Gianni Coraini)

  2. Dyva - Clap Again

    5 For Sale from $79.74

    The b-side of this, "Leftover Love" is simply amazing.
    100% authentic italo-disco sound but from 2004, by far the greatest thing Dyva have ever recorded.

  3. D.J. Look - Càpita

    11 For Sale from $13.91

    Funky stuff from Fabio Frizzi, better known for his soundtrack work.

  4. I Blagueur - Balla. ? .. No! .. / Ti 'D Bale ?

    1 For Sale from $122.67

    Very strange record, deep italian vocals over a dark bassline.

    Most likely an "answer" record to Pino D'angio's "...Balla!" LP