Top 50 LP Vinyls

By Christo77 Christo77
updated over 5 years ago

These are the 50 LP records I listen and appreciate day in and day out. I love them to death🙌👌🏽😍. From Bad to Queen: Greatest Hits and even Paul Simon's Graceland, these are the 50 LP vinyls I have in my collection that I vow to love and listen to each and everyday.

  1. Michael Jackson - Invincible

    24 For Sale from $34.99

    This is the album that I repeat on my AudioTechnica deck 24/7. This is the most underrated LP both produced, performed and written by Michael Jackson. Every single song on there is magical but none stands out more than 'Heartbreaker' for me followed by 'You Are My Life', 'Break of Dawn', 'The Lost Children', 'Cry' and 'Privacy'. A few touch ups and it would of done better but it's amazing!

  2. Michael Jackson - HIStory - Past, Present And Future - Book I

    17 For Sale from $175.00

    This is the next best thing when it comes to Michael Jackson as this album has it all. The greatest hits before the HIStory release and the new hits which I should say are amazing to listen to. My faves would have to be 'Stranger In Moscow', 'They Don't Care About Us', 'Tabloid Junkie', 'D.S' and 'Scream [Duet with Janet Jackson]'. This would be my second all time fave Michael Jackson album hands down.

  3. Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day

    297 For Sale from $5.15

    This does look stupid from most music believers to see this album above albums like Purple Rain, Kick, Thriller and Rhythm Nation 1814'. I know. But in terms of Prince album history, this is probably his most underrated album of all his LP releases. It has everything you'd expect from a Prince album especially with his 'Revolution-ary' band😹. The entire album is incredible with my faves being 'Paisley Park', 'Pop Life', 'Tamborine', 'Raspberry Beret' and 'America'. The one song for me that deserves to be touched on would be Condition of the Heart but it has a few good positives in my opinion.

  4. Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain

    210 For Sale from $2.35

    Every music fan has heard of this amazing album. The #1 hit track, When Doves Cry, comes to many music listeners ears and so does Let's Go Crazy!, I Would Die 4 U and Purple Rain. This is what makes Purple Rain an essential for any collector of any sorts to choose it. My favourites from this album would have to be Darling Nikki, Let's Go Crazy!, When Doves Cry and The Beautiful Ones.

  5. Michael Jackson - Michael

    This was the first attempt of a posthumous album release from Michael Jackson's estate and I have to say it's underrated like Invincible only its underrated by my type of people because of how it sounds nothing like him. That's what most of them thought anyways. I would have to say only one song doesn't add up to his voice and that song would have to be 'Breaking News'. Every other track is him 100%. My faves would have to be 'Behind The Mask', '(I Like) The Way You Love Me', 'Hollywood Tonight', 'Monster [Featuring 50 Cent]' and 'Keep Your Head Up'. I instantly loved Behind The Mask when I first heard it to be honest. I would listen to it day in and day out.

  6. INXS - Kick

    5 For Sale from $21.38