Top Electronic Music Finds In 2010

By azamarro azamarro
updated over 7 years ago

This list is not necessarily compiling the best releases of 2010, but rather my personal finds this year which I hope may open some musical doors in your personal hallway of music discovery. I'm trying not to be too obvious with my recommendations either. We all know that Aphex Twin is a genious and Boards of Canada are trippy as hell. These artists are outstanding, but peoples gotta hear new musics sometimes!!! Ya know? Well, here I go...

  1. Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal

    15 For Sale from $6.12

    It's just the way the music washes up against you...

  2. Snd - Atavism

    5 For Sale from $27.72

    SND creates ultra-minimal beats that boomkat describs as "alien" and "funked up". This is bombastic and repetitive music to blast in the car. Similar to Plastikman in the sense that SND uses only a small handful of sounds to create some pretty interesting variations. Things get tweaked gradually and morph into other things. This release sounds like Timbaland if he were still producing in 3010.

  3. YMCK - Family Music

    1 For Sale from $14.00

    Debut album from 2004. Japanese cutesy vocals slapped on top of classic NES-style tunes! This disc happened to be just what the doctor ordered. YMCK has a somewhat jazzy feel with really smart programming.

  4. Anthony Shake Shakir* - Frictionalism 1994-2009

    2 For Sale from $41.59

    All I had heard previously from this man was on the Astralwerks compilation "Detroit: Beyond the Third Wave". The one track by Shake that was on that comp was "Sandblaster". It took just that song to get me really excited about this release. The three discs of creative, melodic Detroit techno showcase the diversity in Shake's reportoire. Some tracks contain trance music elements, some are futuristic breatbeat workouts, some are chilled out instrumental hip-hop... one even sounds like French "filter" house, but it's all executed with that raw sound that is unmistakeably Detroit in character.

    Only problem: The stupid distribution this label has. It's ridiculous that even though this, to me, is local music (Detroit area), I cannot find this collection anywhere that's not in Europe! I say find the mp3 release somewhere on the internet. Regardless, you have to hear it.

  5. 2562 - Unbalance

    15 For Sale from $2.99

    This is considered dubstep, is it not? I can't quite explain why, but this dutch producer seemed to stick out for me. Maybe it's because he doesn't sound "stuck" in the very specific genre that is dubstep. He seems to be more concerned with making good techno music in general--not grasping for genuine rasta samples to sound more "real", for example. A good portion of this record almost sounds like Detroit techno, which is probably a big reason why I love it. His productions are never boring, always with just enough variation to keep your head nodding, always catchy. The only other dubstep producer that I am strongly familiar with is Burial, so now I guess I know two! Looking forward to broadening my dubstep knowledge this year!

    Also check out A Made Up Sound, which I just discovered is his alias.

  6. Pomassl - Spare Parts

    14 For Sale from $6.73

    Russian experimental music on the Raster-Noton label. Very interesting stuff that is oddly accessible, despite being music that exists outside of traditional melody or even "notes". Actually, now that I think of it, very comparable to Autechre (I just listened to Quaristice) but think of a ramshackle version of AE.

  7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts Vol.1

    2 For Sale from $47.71

    I still actually have yet to pick this one up, but I HAVE been jamming on youtube for the past few months to this. Also, known as Inverse Cinematics (from the Pulverising! label), this German producer is creating some soulful deep house for both late night drives and for the dancefloor. You can tell that he has a great fondness for his vinyl collection, utilizing many interesting soul, R&B, funk, latin, etc. samples to create something familiar, yet never heard before, which is what I think house has gotten away from, perhaps. Just making something new out of pieces of old. Reminds me of Moodyman.

  8. The Chemical Brothers - Further

    3 For Sale from $3.00

    I know, I know. How can this recommendation be construed as turning anyone on to new music? The Chemical Brothers have been around forever, releasing albums since at least 1995-- two of which were brilliant fusions of acid, hip-hop, funk, and psychedelia: perfect for breakdancing battles! Then they made more albums...
    which, uh, had some good ideas...
    a LIGHT smattering of good ideas... yeah.

    Well I'd have to say that this really isn't a return to form, but a new departure for the group. They've broken that guest vocalist rut they've gotten into with their previous albums and come up with a simplified formula, just makin' SIMPLE DANCE MUSIC THAT'S FUN.