Top Fave Thrash And Speed Metal albums

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated 9 months ago

These are my old and new faves from those 'Hesher' (Thrasher) days. Owned many of these albums on cassette originally. Gladly replaced some of them on Cd and vinyl, later on. Sometimes didn't have a choice! Cassettes, as you may know, don't usually last worth a damn! I had many lost, stolen, busted, cut, burnt ...and so on! over the years. Hopefully, someone will dig some releases on this list. Many of these releases have been properly reissued, as well. Some of them have been out of print for f@&#in' ages!! Will add much more Thrash, Speed, and other similar metal releases periodically. It's a work in progress, so more good stuff is always out there. By the way, not all albums are in any perfect preferential order. Try to put your favorites in order, without going nuts ...HaHA! I slipped in some power metal albums too, though they are more than just that one style. It's great how some bands go beyond just one genre and refuse to be categorized. Have a blast checking a few or many of these out and enjoy!

Update: Will add more releases here, as I have recently (as of May 2018). Have a good one everyone and stay metal!!

  1. Metallica - Master Of Puppets

    8 For Sale from $40.60

    My fave Metallica record and overall thrash album. Wished that Cliff Burton lived to record more albums with James, Lars and Kirk. Owned originally on cassette and Cd later. R.I.P. Cliff.

  2. Slayer - Hell Awaits

    Should have added this a long time ago, as it is actually more accomplished than "Reign In Blood" musically (IMO). Hey! One has the right to change one's own mind ...Right?

  3. Metallica - Ride The Lightning

    19 For Sale from $33.83

    Phenomenal 2nd album! Owned the t-shirt once and owned the cassette. By the way, saw them live in 1993 with Fight and Suicidal Tendencies. You don't wanna know, who the opening band was! Glad I missed that opening act, because they weren't metal by any means. Ever hear of Candlebox? Yeah, that one. Alice In Chains totally skipped out, so Candlebox was substituted. WTF!?

  4. Megadeth - Rust In Peace

    2 For Sale from $159.99

    Had the cassette than worn out fast. Cd lasted hell of a lot longer, heh heh. Actually met Drummer Nick Menza (R.I.P.) in person (NAMM Convention). Now own the excellent 2004 reissue with bonus content.

  5. Overkill - The Years Of Decay

    2 For Sale from $28.20

    Originally a cassette purchase. Bought on Cd later. Awesome smoking metal from beginning to end!

  6. Voivod* - Dimension Hatröss

    One of the first metal albums I've heard. Would have added this sooner, though haven't heard it in years. Owned on vinyl. Why did I forget!? Anyway, don't miss this one!

  7. Metallica - Kill 'Em All

    6 For Sale from $15.00

    Awesome debut! If you can, try picking up the older reissue with the two extra tracks; "Am I Evil?" and "Blitzkrieg". One hell of a collector's item!

  8. Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss

    12 For Sale from $45.11

    Owned on cassette, then on Cd later. The later reissue from 2002 actually sounds pretty loud, but clear.

  9. Sodom - Agent Orange

    33 For Sale from $7.89

    Simply put, a classic through and through!

  10. Exodus (6) - Bonded By Blood

    9 For Sale from $78.95

    Bought the imported Cd, originally from the old 'Metal Disc' mail order catalog. R.I.P. Paul Baloff.

  11. Sepultura - Arise

    Definitely my favorite of theirs, originally released in 1991.

  12. Anthrax - Among The Living

    10 For Sale from $13.53

    Owned the cassette and Cd later. A friend gave me the "Among The Living" World Tour program as a B-day gift once years back!

  13. Slayer - Show No Mercy

    First Slayer album that never gets old ...literally! Owned the cassette once, then Cd.

  14. Overkill - Horrorscope

    26 For Sale from $39.47

    Loved this and still do! Had on cassette and purchased on Cd, when the cassette tape snapped!

  15. Testament (2) - Practice What You Preach

    12 For Sale from $22.56

    Owned on Cd. Originally borrowed the cassette from a friend's brother. Excellent production and great tunes throughout.

  16. Dark Angel (3) - Darkness Descends

    5 For Sale from $45.00

    Excellent 2nd album by these guys. Heard on vinyl ages ago. Production could've been a little better, nevertheless this shreds!!

  17. Slayer - Reign In Blood

    11 For Sale from $45.00

    Owned this on original cassette, then on Cd twice (own the remastered version now). The reissue is truly worth seeking. R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman.

  18. Anthrax - Persistence Of Time

    14 For Sale from $10.29

    Another cassette purchase. Purchased later on original Cd. Sounds a hell of a lot better on Cd, as if there was a comparison!

  19. Annihilator (2) - Alice In Hell

    2 For Sale from $28.20

    Owned originally on cassette. Purchased the Cd later.

  20. Testament (2) - The New Order

    11 For Sale from $32.99

    Purchased it on Cd, heard on cassette originally. Pretty heavy (as in very intense) throughout!

  21. Kreator - Extreme Aggression

    50 For Sale from $13.53

    Crushing from beginning to end, as it never lets up! Owned on cassette once.