Top Wants (as of May 2019)

By thedailyguru thedailyguru
updated about 1 month ago

These are listed in the order of how much I really really really want them - these being the highlights, if you will, from my overall want list. Some notes on specific items:

There are two versions of "Purple Onion" listed because they rarely come up for sale. Either would be a great - both would be silly.

At the bottom of the list are 2 versions of Streetcore. I own the record, but these are other editions I would like to have eventually (read as: not something to buy me in 2019).

The 2 versions of Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown" are always going to be ridiculously expensive. Don't buy them for me - it will make me feel awkward. Seriously. These are there for me to dream on...if I can ever justify the price, I will buy them for myself. I'm not kidding. Do NOT buy them for me. Not even if you're my wife at it's my 40th birthday present.