Toytown Techno

By RoryHoy RoryHoy
updated 11 months ago

Toytown Techno was a term dubbed by the press in the early 1990's to describe Old Rave Records that sampled Children's Cartoons and Public Information Films. The trend started to get big with The Prodigy's breakthrough anthem 'Charly', which lead to many copycat records. The fad lasted from around 1991-93.

  1. F.A.B. Featuring MC Parker - Thunderbirds Are Go!

    This funnily enough came out in 1990, before the fad started to become big!

  2. The Prodigy - Charly

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    The one that popularised the trend.

  3. Neo (3) - The Pink Panther Theme

    The Toytown Techno fad's sported lived on in the Big Beat era too!

  4. DJ Yoda - How To Cut & Paste Mix Tape Vol.1

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