Trans and Intersex Artists/ Songs about the same

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updated over 8 years ago

Not everyone's a 'Ladyboy'

  1. Baby Dee (2) - A Book Of Songs For Anne Marie

    Fantasy, fears, myth and regret meet head on in an album of awesome beauty.

  2. Divine - Born To Be Cheap

    Yea Divine - the coolest (at the time) Revolutionary Drag Act in town.

    In the commentary track to Female Trouble John Waters discuses how they irritated a generation of Drag based on being pretty.

  3. Jayne County

    Rock Chick to beet all Rock Chicks, DJ at Maxi's, friend to The Ramones and insulter of David Bowie.

  4. Various - Electronic Music

    Pre 'Transition' but still for me Wendy Carlos' finest moment.

  5. Antony And The Johnsons - You Are My Sister

    Alas Antony went for mainstream success and began insulting the Transpeople from the Factory movement but this is still a moving song about the subject

  6. Amanda Lear

    It may say here that the story about Her being Trans is a myth but others would heartily disagree and provide photographic evidence otherwise.

  7. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground

    Candy Says is possibly the best (and one of the most heart felt) songs about a Transperson - the immortal Candy Darling.

  8. Current 93

    Though not themselves Trans or Intersex they use Trans and Intersex Artists as creative partners rather than figures of fun

  9. James Ferraro

    Though not Trans or Intersex himself James Ferrano is not against using Gender as a tool in his obsession with Majik and the Ocult and can often be seen sporting breasts.