Trash Items

This is a list of the original trash items.

- Every single Trash Item was issued to the UK press, some of the releases were exported to Europe (any beyond), but as a whole they are all UK releases. There is one exception to this, trash27 which was for the European single The Trick Is To Keep Breathing.
- TRASH03, TRASH04 & TRASH008 were all called that by Rob Jefferson (Mushroom Records UK) when he compiled a discography for Record Collector #209
- TRASH 5, 6 & 7 do not exist. This was confirmed in writing by Jefferson to myself in 1997.
- A non audio release, that being a white short sleeved t-shirt with the Push It logo is TRASH 20, the catalogue number is written on the back of the shirt
- A t-shirt was uploaded to with the catalogue number "TRASH 48", there is no reference whatsoever on the shirt itself, therefore it is excluded from the list.
- There are a number of releases which share these number such as test pressings, or even CD's. Where these exists I have made a note.

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