U.S. Underground - Best of 2021

By sheweytraxdotcom
updated about 1 year ago

Favorite indie electronic 12" records of 2021 (in no particular order). U.S. based artists and mostly stateside domestic labels: New York, Michigan, California, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Washington DC etc. -- Solid records need buy support or we die to the digital world...

  1. 10 For Sale from $11.99

    Tail end of 2020. "Solo" is my favorite w/late night groove and live playing style!

  2. 15 For Sale from $12.05

    "Detroit Domino" deep piano vibes beauty!

  3. 13 For Sale from $15.05

    "Binary Funk Infusion" is unique and sounds fresh! plus nice Aside!

  4. 29 For Sale from $10.75

    "Heaven" is top deep tune -grows on you with each listen!

  5. 24 For Sale from $3.60

    "And The Crowd Howls" yeah nice! raw and fast -something fresh!

  6. 49 For Sale from $6.02

    Bomb electro record -both sides! Favorite cut "Telescope Array"!

  7. 6 For Sale from $8.00

    new L.A. producer 'Ivan AM', deep vibes standout "Mourning Rain"!

  8. 10 For Sale from $8.43

    solid 4trk EP - dope deepness!

  9. 38 For Sale from $6.99

    "DJ Di'jital" on a roll - bang for your electro buck!

  10. 13 For Sale from $13.00

    Great one! "Memory By Flyway (Original Tribute Mix)"!

  11. 11 For Sale from $12.05

    "Nothing But Trouble" -top pick, this is how first half of 2021 feels!

  12. 6 For Sale from $13.25

    "Spell For Nature" is my pick on this one! 90's breakbeat flavor with an interesting modern pychedelic twist.

  13. 24 For Sale from $11.19

    "Ghost Dog" is top pick! but entire EP is unique, solid 2021 purchase!

  14. 36 For Sale from $8.43

    "No Regrets" and "The Promenade" fav cuts on this 4track EP!

  15. 10 For Sale from $14.99

    So good, love it! Favorite cut "On My Own"!

  16. 6 For Sale from $9.60

    End of the year, bang for your buck 12"!