Underrated R&B Albums

By blackaugust7934 blackaugust7934
updated 7 days ago

Lets list the most underrated R&B albums ever in no particular order. Only one album per artist.

  1. Monica - New Life

    A decent single doomed this great album to relative obscurity.

  2. Joe - Ain't Nothin' Like Me

    Most of Joe's albums could be considered underrated but this one stands out among the pack.

  3. Brandy (2) - Two Eleven

    A classic example of releasing a great album at a time when people THINK your past your prime.

  4. Jagged Edge (2) - Jagged Little Thrill

    Overshadowed by a great album(Hard) afterwards. Still an overlooked release though.

  5. Jodeci - The Past, The Present, The Future

    Better than it had any right to be.

  6. K-Ci & JoJo - It's Real

    Yeah I know Fi Fie Fo Fum was a dumb single but this album was a lot better than that single.

  7. Chico DeBarge - The Game

    Great singles can only get you so far even when your album is superb.

  8. All-4-One - On And On

    Nobody knows of this album's existence which is kind of sad really.

  9. Color Me Badd - Time And Chance

    Make fun all you want but this group and this album are more appreciated than the garbage that passes for R&B these days.

  10. Tyrese - I Wanna Go There

    His best album under J Records.

  11. Ginuwine - The Senior

    He hasnt made an album worth talking about since.

  12. Carl Thomas - So Much Better

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    Way better than his Bad Boy Records albums yet they are still highly regarded. Why?

  13. TLC - Ooooooohhh...On The TLC Tip

    True CrazySexyCool is a better album but this album was a lot of fun to listen to.

  14. Xscape - Off The Hook

    Everybody loves their first album & Traces Of My Lipstick but why cant this album get any love?

  15. Keyshia Cole - A Different Me

    A Keyshia Cole album not peppered with break up songs is a welcome change of pace for me.

  16. Musiq - Soulstar

    All of Musiq Soulchild's albums are underrated but this album under performing(going gold after two platinum releases) when it had his strongest singles is a mystery to me.

  17. Mary J. Blige - Love & Life

    This beats Share My World & Mary by a country mile when comes to an underrated Mary J Blige album.

  18. Whitney Houston - Just Whitney...

    She's transitioned and yet this album still gets no love. Sigh.

  19. New Edition - Home Again

    Comeback albums from R&B legends dont get any better than this.

  20. Shai (3) - Blackface

    Their best album bar none.

  21. Boyz II Men - Nathan, Michael, Shawn, Wanya

    Time has been kind to this album. Something I cant say about Evolution.

  22. Anthony Hamilton - Ain't Nobody Worryin'

    Overshadowed by better albums(before and after)

  23. Faith Evans - The First Lady

    Faith left Bad Boy and came out the gate swinging like she never missed a beat.

  24. Fantasia (4) - The Definition Of...

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    I know this album recently came out but a great overlooked album is still a great overlooked album no matter the release dates.

  25. Tracie Spencer - Tracie

    Great album, great artist, great year. She hasnt been heard from since.