Underrated and Obscure Hard Rock / Metal bands

By Freki Freki
updated 2 days ago

Underground Hard Rock / Metal bands mostly from the end 70s to the start 90s and some newer bands in the vein of the old school. Most consist of the 80s the
golden year of metal. If you expect the likes of Black Sabbath (Except Tony Martin Era), Judas Priest, Dio, Motorhead, Iron maiden, Accept, The Big Four Metallica. Slayer, megadeth, Anthrax or German Big Four Kreator, Sodom, Destruction Tankard, power metal like Helloween, Manowar or hair metal like motley crue, Twisted Sister or the likes of Guns N Roses you will be very disapointed this list contains only the real underground bands and obscure bands. Early Underground Death Metal not included.

Honorable Mentions that didnt make the list that dont need no introduction to the experienced metal fan.
Diamond Head (First 2 Albums), Angel Witch (First 2 Albums). Def Leppard (First 2 albums i know even how much they suck first 2 are decent). , saxon( First 4 Albums), Raven(Except the 2 albums from 85-86), Omen (First 3 Albums), Mercyful Fate. Anvil (First 3 Albums), Metal Church (First 4 Albums), Forbidden, (First 2 Albums) Riot, Celtic Frost (First 2 Mini Albums and To Mega Therion), Hellhammer, Voivod (First 4 Albums), Running Wild (First 6 Albums), Savatage (First 5 Albums), Overkill (First 5 Albums), Exodus (First 3 Albums), Testament (First 4 Albums), Annihilator (First 2 Albums) Possessed (First 2 Albums & Mini Album), Dark Angel,

  1. Manilla Road

    When talk of a criminally underrated band during the 80s manilla Road did get some appreciation later on but still underrated as hell compared to the bigger bands.

  2. Heavy Load (2)

    Known in the underground but still criminally underrated

  3. Tank (6)

    Tank is known for touring with motorhead and isnt the most obscure Nwobhm band out there but to the most they are also criminally underrated

  4. 4



    Probably one of the finest Nwobhm bands with the great Court In the act needs no introduction to those who knows nwobhm but still criminally underated.

  5. Blitzkrieg (5)

    Continuation of the satan nwobhm band with Brian Ross A Time Of changes its a very fine late Nwobhm release criminally underrated

  6. 6



    When talk of the most known famous Thrash acts possessed By Fire is the more unknown release that are criminally Underrated

  7. Whiplash (5)

    Their Debut Power And Pain is a nice Thrash album that are very underated.

  8. Cloven Hoof

    Only those who have interest in Nwobhm knows the seld titled release Cloven Hoof Criminally Underrated

  9. Witchfinder General

    Also one of those Nwobhm bands only the underground scene know of not the most obscure but very underrated

  10. Holocaust (4)

    Their Debut The Nightcomers is on the top Of Nwobhm Releases known in the underground but still Underrated

  11. Pagan Altar

    Pagan Altar is criminally Underrated still to this day. They deserved much more.

  12. Tokyo Blade

    First two Albums Tokyo Blade Self Titled and Night Of The Blade are some fine Nwobhm releases every nwobhm fan should own not the most obscure but underrated.

  13. Angel Dust (3)

    Criminally underrated compared to the more famous metal acts of the 80s.

  14. Agent Steel

    2 First Albums is very Underrated compared to the bigger thrash acts of the 80s

  15. Cirith Ungol

    2 First Frost And Fire , King Of The Dead are classsic 80s metal criminally underrated

  16. Gammacide

    Gammacide is Criminally Underrated thrash band why they still are unknown to the majority is a good question

  17. Tygers Of Pan Tang

    More known Nwobhm band not so obscure but Spellbound deserve much more attention.

  18. Savage (7)

    Their Debut Loose N Lethal is on the more harder side of the nwobhm bands underrated.

  19. Scanner (3)

    Their Debut Hypertrace is among some of the best power metal releases in the 80s so its criminally underrated

  20. Abattoir

    Well known in the underground but criminally underrated

  21. Hexx (2)

    Under The Spell is criminally underrated

  22. Meliah Rage

    Criminally underrated band

  23. Vicious Rumors

    Very underrated US band still very active.

  24. Blessed Death - Kill Or Be Killed

    Very underrated US Thrash Band

  25. Infernäl Mäjesty

    Their Debut None Shall Defy is very good thrash criminally underrated