Unkown Artist/"Series"

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House/Techno/Garage on the "unknown artist" tip. Will prob list who each one is if known. Not gonna mess hard w 2 step/Ardkore, thats gonna be seperate :). Also "series" that kinda fit in this vibe. Kinda wanna stress too, some of these may be a bit mediocore (esp if in a series), and some may be one offs that are good tools one day boring trash the next. but not trying to add crap :) .

  1. Unknown Artist - One

    22 For Sale from $8.68

    Agnes! All tracks on this are great "deep house", kinda why i listed this series first. do not sleep!!!!!!

  2. Unknown Artist - Two

    20 For Sale from $7.61

    Agnes! Both A1 and B2 are tracks i overplay in sets, A1 got that Detroit Techno/Basic Channel thing kicking, perfect tool if you mixing tracks like that. B2 is a dope 116 deep, dusty house cut. Nice organ work. B1 awesome percussion heavy minimal house track w super driving baseline. again, do not sleep!!!!!!

  3. Unknown Artist - Three

    19 For Sale from $21.73

    Agnes! All of these are stand out techy, but still Deep House joints. all 3 12"s should never leave the bag. A1 on this is an amazing tool.

  4. Uniile - Uniile 1

    6 For Sale from $163.04

    A2 and B1 (-4 at least) are serious heat.

  5. Hostom - HOSTOM - 001

    36 For Sale from $16.30

    Raresh?????? "tech house", both A and B are killer tools, B being the one i personally pull out the most. Honestly on the 12" all of these are a bit too fast for my liking, i play everything in this series -4 if not -6 or lower. B is great to run and throw a few tracks over.

  6. Hostom - HOSTOM - 002

    31 For Sale from $8.70

    Raresh???? Both A and B are great, bouncy, minimal tech house joints that sound much better on the -6. grip it!

  7. Hostom - HOSTOM - 003

    21 For Sale from $15.58

    Raresh?????? This one shows a bit of progression, both songs still just on the "tech house" tool tip, but both have great driving/actual funky baselines.

  8. Hostom - HOSTOM - ZZZ

    21 For Sale from $16.30

    Raresh??????? Again, progressing w the quickness!!!! B side is kinda the best, great deep house joint w a bit of tech/90s influence. total floor smasher!

  9. Unknown Artist - FAS002

    9 For Sale from $38.04

    Very nice, actual Deep House. All 3 tracks are great.

  10. Unknown Artist - FAS005

    29 For Sale from $7.14

    another great one; 1st jam got a bit more of a "tech house" thing going, but still proper house imo. A2 is a nice pad heavy, percussion heavy "tribal house" jam. B1 is a nice long housey techno work out, sure it mixes well if u trying to "elevate" a set, nice accelerated techno pusher.

  11. Unknown Artist - Journey I.

    22 For Sale from $7.00

    fire (both jams) from four heads who have all go on to make rad shit, and a large amount of it. "jounrey I" on a nice lo-fi sound signature random release type tip. "echo drugs" could also fit it with same vibe, but fidelity for some reason a bit higher and this side leans a bit more towards "techno", while the other towards "house". drugged out for sure.

  12. Unknown Artist - Pure Sensation

    3 For Sale from $8.70

    House style re-edit of a Disco track, more "mpc magic" going on here, hot fire.

  13. Unknown Artist - Samich Jackson

    34 For Sale from $2.16

    heard this one out before, for a few bucks its aight. "The A-side track is essentially a mash-up borrowing the bass line from Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and the vocal and rhythm from Sandwiches by Detroit Grand Pubahs, which gives the release its title". No idea who did the production, but its on THORW, which was Detroit DJ Brian Gillespie's label.

  14. Workidz - Seven Vol. 2

    never heard, but "remixes" of two classics, worth for a cheap copy of the T-Connect drums

  15. Unknown Artist - Borrowed Volume One

    14 For Sale from $3.90

    Very nice, actual Deep House, made from what sounds like a 40s/50s "jazz" record sample. sounds like the kind of thing you'd hear Raresh play in a set, but no one in Romania ever would make.

  16. Unknown Artist - ODE

    10 For Sale from $10.87

    Side A a great pad heavy house track w a bassline from the "can u feel it" family. Great tool. B side is a great tool; hovering between a "tech heavy" bell and bass drum thing and then some swinging house drum stuff. Pretty "cut up", again great tool for the 2.5-4 hour point in a 6 hour set. this series is pretty good at doing the weird/creepy crawly minimal "tech house" thing that kinda comes from the Soul Capsule "Waiting for a War" family. true "modern psych".

  17. Unknown Artist - ODE

    22 For Sale from $6.52

    A side is typical Swiss/Romanian "tech house" sounds, works nice as a tune to run and throw a couple joints on top of, has a nice druggy house shuffle/lean going on. vocal sample kinda pointless imo. Side B is a nice weirdo minimal/long builder - slow burner. Good 12".

  18. Unknown Artist - ODE

    16 For Sale from $13.04

    This one is the second in the series, and its not very developed (tho the first 12" seems to be light years beyond this). A side is a not great but also not bad breakbeat driven "Tech House" tool, could see this working at the right time, tho i dont like the shape of the rhythm much myself. B side is again, kind of just a fast, hazy tech house tool. Some discogs guy has this to say "B-side is just a standard beat pumped out by Reason over a track more or less unedited. If you can find a tracklist for Future Sound of London's 1994 Essential Mix, then you'll find the original track. The comment below about a hissing noise is presumably because it has been amateurishly sampled from vinyl. The only thing about this track that is good is the underlying original."

  19. Unknown Artist - ODE

    22 For Sale from $7.61

    one of the best in series. A is a killer tech/house tool, use this one a lot myself (on -4 or so). B more on the weirdo minimal techno tip that this series nails well.

  20. Unknown Artist - ODE

    34 For Sale from $7.14

    dope minimal tracks, B side seems to be a very skeletal "dub" of the A side of the ODE prior to it. gonna say B is the winner, more room to sound good in a blend. A side is nice but ultimately kinda boring. this is first in the series tho, its a hot debut.

  21. Unknown Artist - ODE

    12 For Sale from $10.87

    side a acid/techno-ish jam nice, side b Bryan Ferry sampling somewhat early Chicago but not quite vibe. still hot

  22. Unknown Artist - ODE

    15 For Sale from $17.39

    side A again seems to use very small elements from the A of 2 before it and B of the last ODE 12", very nice minimal/reduced percussive house tool. B side very nice too, a bit more "upbeat" but still very skeletal/ghostly.

  23. Unknown Artist - Better / Fever

    12 For Sale from $28.00

    'Better' is an edit of Gladys Knight & The Pips* - It's A Better Than Good Time
    'Fever' is an edit of Fever (3) - Standing In The Shadows Of Love

    'Better' is a bit more of a 'blend'/'mixing' tool, esp the first few minutes where its just the loop. 'Fever' still on the 'tool' tip, but can def do its thing on its own.

  24. Don Carlos - Re-Mida (Hunee Edit)

    11 For Sale from $8.00

    homeboy HUNEE on the Don Carlos regrip of "Re Mida Ouverture", which is a slammer but is only 3 minutes. this is great, great, "respectful" edit work that works to elevate the original in a way DJs always hoped.... stretches out the truly best parts. it's also like $50 cheaper than the OG, which you can barely play out anyway. (https://www.discogs.com/Don-Carlos-Mediterraneo-EP-The-EP/release/154133)

  25. Unknown Artist - Untitled

    25 For Sale from $4.34

    "aka Jack J. - Lordy (Sour Patch Kidz 'Clubbing-in-2013' Mix)". Very nice acid/chicago thing kickin.....