VH1's- 40 Most Awesomely Bad Metal Songs...Ever (?!)

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated over 2 years ago

Hello there! Here's another list by these morons at Blender Magazine and VH1 music channel. Only a little of what's on here is truly terrible. Most of these picks either don't make any sense or are just picked for inane reasons altogether! It's a fact that some of what's here, was picked for best song lists, as well. Even a "Metal Moments" episode, had one of these choices at Number #1! See for yourself, why VH1 was once a very decent channel, until Viacom which also owns MTV...took over!

  1. Judas Priest - Turbo Lover

    Number #40 on their list. Why pick on a legendary band? Anything with Tim "Ripper" Owens is worse than this. Has anyone heard of the album Jugulator?

  2. Jackyl - The Lumberjack

    Number #39. Not my thing, personally...but come on now! There were tons of crap songs that could've replaced this!

  3. Grim Reaper (3) - See You In Hell

    Number #38. Good singer, although the tune is dumbed down by the ridiculous lyrics.

  4. Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter

    Number #37. Not one my faves of theirs, but I wouldn't have added anything by Maiden...period!!

  5. Creed (3) - Higher

    Number #36. NoT METAL!!! Just sell-out, mainstream type corporate rock.

  6. Green Jelly* - Three Little Pigs

    Number #35. I don't know what to call this. Sounds like a Gwar parody or something.

  7. Ace Frehley - Rock Soldiers

    2 For Sale from $25.85

    Number #34. Not a metal tune and it's not bad. Why did they pick this?

  8. Dio (2) - The Last In Line

    Number #33. Another legend, I wouldn't have made fun of! This isn't bad, so what the hell were they thinking?

  9. Guns N' Roses - Estranged

    Number #32. Most likely picked, because of the over saturation of strings (Orchestra string section, of course). Then again, met people that couldn't stand "November Rain" a whole lot more.

  10. Loudness (5) - Crazy Nights

    1 For Sale from $8.88

    Number #31. Is it that bad?...why noooo. They should've picked "Crazy Nights" by Kiss instead. Then again, Kiss isn't Metal.

  11. Bullet Boys - Bullet Boys

    18 For Sale from $3.99

    Number #30. The track "Smooth Up In Ya" was their pick. Surely, they could've picked something worse! Never had anything bad to say about these guys, so they're wrong!

  12. Accept - Balls To The Wall

    1 For Sale from $43.29

    Number #29. Why the hell did they pick this?! Considered a classic rocker by many, so what's up with these dimwits at VH1?!

  13. Slaughter - Up All Night

    Number #28. Probably picked because of its...feel good vibe. Never liked this, but I can't agree with this pick either.

  14. Trixter - Give It To Me Good

    9 For Sale from $2.65

    Number #27. This crap song definitely belongs on here!

  15. Helix (3) - Rock You

    Number #26. Again, there were worse tunes that could've easily replaced this one.

  16. Mar1lyn Man5on* - I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)

    Number #25. Personally, not a Manson fan, though there were countless glam failures that deserved a worse fate.

  17. Mötley Crüe - Without You

    Number #24. A Motley Crue ballad, that isn't bad. The horrid "Shout At The Devil '97" remake, could've easily replaced it. Actually the entire "Generation Swine" album is worse!

  18. Dokken - Breakin' The Chains

    Number #23. NO way would I pick anything by Dokken! Who are these brainless people?!

  19. Van Halen - Without You

    6 For Sale from $2.35

    Number #22. Again, NOT Metal and yes, Gary Cherone was a bad pick as the singer. Couldn't listen to this song more than once or twice.

  20. Quiet Riot - Party All Night

    2 For Sale from $5.88

    Number #21. Good example of why a moronic party tune and Metal don't mix.

  21. Danzig - Mother

    3 For Sale from $42.99

    Number #20. HELLO?! Since when was Danzig metal? You can't honestly categorize Danzig's sound, so what gives?! This is a classic that was wrongly picked!

  22. Vixen (2) - Edge Of A Broken Heart

    10 For Sale from $3.98

    Number #19. There weren't that many chick bands, so I would've left them alone!

  23. Manowar - Blow Your Speakers

    Number #18. A tune better tuned waaay down low! Would have told them to blow something, um...else!

  24. Scorpions - Wind Of Change

    77 For Sale from $1.06

    Number #17. Not a metal song, so why is it here? Oh yeah, by the way...there's nothing wrong with it!

  25. Queensrÿche - Silent Lucidity

    23 For Sale from $3.32

    Number #16. A good ballad, but METAL it is not! Bunch of idiots work for Blender Magazine and VH1 obviously.