VIIIParT.8-- "Debonairly And Candidly Sexy List."

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated about 1 year ago

Hello there! Here is the Eighth(!) list of sexy and fabulously attractive album covers. They come from the world over and some are attractive for their scans. I will post the ninth (9th) list with more sexy babes and gorgeous women and other lists very soon. Thanks to all that sent in their suggestions, they are very appreciated. May everyone enjoy and thanks again!

Update (16 Oct. 2014): New sexy cover list (Number #9) has now posted! (; ;D

  1. Emad Sayyah - Modern Belly-Dance Music From Lebanon

    8 For Sale from $7.39

    A beautiful bevy of belly dancing lovelies. From the left, down to Number #22.