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updated 7 months ago

This is a work in progress.
This list is not finished and it will never be truely complete.
I will keep adding as new discoveries are made as well.
This is an attempt on my part to turn people onto great music that i also really dig as well and create a master list of bands/artists i consider to be the best of the best Rock & Roll has to offer. My tastes are all over the place but tend to lean torward music thats "outside of the box" but primarily rooted in Rock & Roll. I dont like to genrelize, i feel its pointless, and takes away from the overall beauty, so i wont even attempt that. But there are some artists on the list that existed before Rock & Roll, however i believe those artists contributions were important to the development of Rock & Roll. There are also artists and/or sound creators here that are as far from Rock & Roll as you can get, although they have the same sort of spirit/attitude. I dig artists who arent affraid to take risks and create unique sounds, go against the grain, and create for the sake of creating rather then those that do so to make a living. The difference between the two has always been painfully obvious to my ears. Music should come from the soul and nowhere else. It should be pure and honest. This list is full of what i consider to be visionaries, trailblazers, outlaws, sonic astronauts, witches, vixens, geniuses and beautiful weirdos who are/were full of soul and honesty.
I feel it is my duty being the passionate fan and historian i am, my obligation, to provide a list like this to share with all the other music lovers in the world.
Hopefully someone, somewhere in the world will explore and discover some hidden gems here that they may have never heard otherwise and enjoy them as much as i do. The list is filled with treasures and ear candy from all over the world and all periods for your listening pleasure....Take your time exploring and Enjoy!

  1. Adam Faucett

    This guy is incredible...he should be huge...this is country western/folk/outsider music at its absolute finest.

  2. 10


  3. Alice Cooper

    (Nothing past Million Dollar Babies)