Various records that DJ's have played/owned - DJ Obsession.

By John_Galbraith
updated 5 months ago

A project in progress that I'm working on. 

I want a complete (or as complete as possible) list/database of all the records various Hardcore DJ's have played throughout the years. Any record is included (even if it's non-Hardcore). 

A complete record directory of each Hardcore DJ, if you will.

I pull (and collate) the information from loads of different sources - events I've attended, mix tapes, CD mixes, albums, compilations, interviews, track listing websites, reviews, DJ charts and images.

For some of the titles listed, the DJ in question could have played a B-side track (rather than the main tune of the record) but it doesn't matter as it's a list of the records played that counts.

I prefer to start with the imported Hardcore listed first in alphabetical order by label/artist, then Scottish Hardcore, then English Hardcore and perhaps some Rave/Italian tracks thereafter that aren't really Hardcore or released on bona-fide Hardcore labels. After that then everything else such as Club, House, Techno listed, unsorted, at the bottom as sort of miscellaneous as a lot of that material isn't my speciality.

If the DJ in question has a white label/promo release of a record I tend to just convert it to the full release for the benefit of these lists as I feel it displays nicer and makes it easier on the eyes for a more enjoyable read. The release will be the exact same - only the full release will display instead of clogging the lists up with white labels or promos.

You might, for example, see some Italian or Techno tracks sorted in amongst the Hardcore labels. The reason for this being that if it's a track that I've heard DJ's play in Hardcore sets, or a label with a couple of Hardcore releases on them I tend to add them in if I feel it goes with the flow of the releases. Sometimes it may look a little inconsistent and messy though. It's hard to get a perfect flow when there's so many genre/label crossovers and then (for example) House tracks released years later on labels that were once Hardcore (and listed alongside the Hardcore initially on these lists).

The listing order of some titles might not take into account something like "DJ" at the start of the artists name - I've just laid them out in the order within that, that I think looks best. 

If a DJ has played back to back with another DJ on a set or album, all tracks from the set are included as standard (as it's too difficult to sometimes know which DJ played/mixed each specific track on that set).

All titles listed are accurate. I can provide sources if anyone isn't sure or wants to contest any title on the list.

I'm really interested to hear from anyone that wants to contribute and can point me in the direction of any titles that I've missed out, never heard them play or oversighted.

It doesn't matter the genre. I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone who's heard any DJ in question play something interesting/out the blue that there might not be a trace of anywhere.

If there is any DJ you want to see listed then get in touch with me for details. 

I will be starting with the DJ's from the Scottish Old Skool Hardcore scene first then moving onto others.