Vegan Death Metal

By whack555
updated 2 months ago

Extreme music for animal liberation.

Death metal, brutal death metal, deathgrind, deathcore bands whose lyrics is about animal rights issues or whose band members are ethical vegans themselves.

No far-right bands!!

  1. Brutal death metal. (Side project of Jonah Thorne from the metalcore band Glass Killing Floor.)

  2. Brutal death metal / slamming brutal death metal.

  3. Brutal death metal / goregrind.

  4. Goregrind.

  5. Death metal / deathcore.

  6. Brutal death metal.

  7. Blackened old school death metal.

  8. This death metal band can't be missing here. The Arch Enemy brought a lot of suitable themes to metal scene. Alissa White-Gluz and Angela Gossow are animal rights activists (and Michael Amott is veg too).

  9. This is obviously much more grindcore than death metal, but I had to include it in this list. Sorry for the exception, but I like this "eco-terror".

  10. 10

    Technical brutal death metal / goregrind.

  11. Death metal / industrial goregrind.

  12. Deathcore.

  13. 13

    Death metal / goregrind (1988-1993), melodic death metal / death'n'roll (later).

  14. Death metal / grindcore. Band members: vegan legends Rat and Tim Rule also known from the bands Forward to Eden and xRESISTANCEx.

  15. Deathcore. Members of Reborn in Disgust, Fourth Crusade etc.

  16. Crustcore (early) / deathgrind (later).

  17. Progressive brutal death metal. Known from many other vegan lists, but I would rather include them on the "flexitarian list". While the band started with an entirely vegan lineup, only one current member is vegetarian, namely Travis Ryan. But the lyrics is cool and veg-friendly.

  18. Old school death metal.

  19. Blackened death metal.

  20. Death metal. The vocalist also played in a very similar band, Falling Elbow.

  21. 21

    Post-metal. 100% vegetarian band. But not vegan. Politically correct (antinazis). Another exception.

  22. Death metal.

  23. Sorry, this is more metalcore than deathcore, but I had to put this band on this list.

  24. Slam / brutal death metal.

  25. Deathgrind.

  26. Slam death metal / grindcore.

  27. Grindcore / death metal.

  28. Deathgrind.

  29. 30


  30. Beatdown hardcore. Sorry for the exception.

  31. Deathcore.

  32. 33

    Death metal.

  33. Death metal / mincecore.

  34. Blackened melodic deathcore.

  35. Death metal / grindcore.

  36. Slamming deathcore.

  37. Crusty death metal. This A.L.F. band can't be missing here.

  38. Slamming brutal death metal.

  39. Deathcore / metalcore.

  40. Death metal / dark metal. Side project of Scott Masson from the band Apocalyptian (death metal / deathcore) and He Who Seeks Vengeance (metalcore / deathcore).

  41. Deathcore.

  42. Death metal.

  43. Grindcore (early) / deathgrind (later).

  44. Deathgrind.

  45. Brutal death metal.

  46. 47

    Death crust.

  47. Deathgrind.

  48. Death metal.

  49. 50

    Death metal.

  50. Death metal.

  51. Death metal.

  52. Crusty death metal. This anarcho-primitivist pro-E.L.F. band can't be missing here.

  53. Slamming brutal death metal.

  54. Slamming brutal death metal.

  55. Death metal for animal liberation.

  56. Death metal. In this case, I don't know if it's a vegan band. But it's interesting for this list anyway.

  57. Progressive deathcore.

  58. Technical brutal death metal.

  59. Goregrind / brutal death metal.

  60. Death metal / deathcore.

  61. Brutal death metal.

  62. Melodic death metal.

  63. Death metal.

  64. Slamming deathcore.

  65. Slam / brutal death metal.

  66. Melodic deathcore (2009-2013) / industrial rock (later).

  67. Deathcore.

  68. Blackened grindcore. (Side project of Kadgar from the death metal band Oxicorte / black metal band Gravislatro.)

  69. Deathcore.

  70. Death metal / industrial metal.

  71. Slam / brutal death metal.

  72. Sorry for the exception, this is more metalcore than death metal, but I had to put this band on this list.

  73. Technical death metal / deathcore.

  74. Blackened melodic metalcore.

  75. 77

    Death metal / war metal. (Yxxan's singer Morbid Aggressor AKA Aisté Skog is a vegan promoter in personal life, but Yxxan itself does not contain vegan-friendly lyrics.)