Video Game Music on Vinyl

By FLauridsen
updated about 7 hours ago

Collection of video game music that's available on vinyl. I'll try to add all that I can find. Feel free to message me if you find anything missing.

As of May 15, 2019 the list is fully alphabetized by game title. Releases with music from multiple games are sorted at the end of the list and are sorted alphabetically by release title. Releases with music from multiple games in the same series (eg. Final Fantasy or The Legend Of Zelda) are still grouped alphabetically by game, though.

Please note that this list does not include unlicensed/bootleg releases or regular test pressings (exceptions have been made for a few test pressings that have been released for sale to the public in special packaging).

I'm keeping track of all of these plus upcoming and rumored releases here: This site includes several releases that have not yet been submitted to Discogs.

March 3, 2020: Some releases are not showing completely alphabetical (but close). It's not that I don't know the alphabet, but Discogs simply isn't adding them correctly where I drag the release or tell it to move by index. Sorry!

  1. 4 For Sale from $42.68


    Red with black splatter vinyl

  2. 5 For Sale from $10.00


    Picture disc, 1400 copies

  3. 198X

    Pink translucent + black vinyl, 500 copies

  4. 1 For Sale from $218.49

    2064: Read-Only Memories

    Blue vinyl, 1000 copies

  5. 8 For Sale from $44.68

    A Plague Tale: Innocence

    Clear with black smoke vinyl

  6. 4 For Sale from $39.98


    Red translucent vinyl

  7. Abzû

    Blue vinyl

  8. 4 For Sale from $318.09


    Blue vinyl, limited edition glow-in-the-dark cover

  9. 2 For Sale from $30.49

    The Adventures Of Bayou Billy

    Clear with red splatter variant

  10. 6 For Sale from $23.49

    The Adventures Of Bayou Billy

    Green translucent with white splatter

  11. 1 For Sale from $39.99

    Agents Of Mayhem


    Picture disc

  12. AirMech

    Yellow vinyl, 100 copies

  13. AirMech

    Brown vinyl, 150 copies

  14. AirMech

    Clear vinyl, 300 copies

  15. 1 For Sale from $120.00

    AirMech Wastelands

    Brown & yellow split, 100 copies

  16. AirMech Wastelands

    White vinyl, 200 copies

  17. 2 For Sale from $94.68

    AirMech Wastelands

    Green translucent

  18. 3 For Sale from $31.81

    AirMech Wastelands

    Black vinyl