Video Game Music on Vinyl

By FLauridsen FLauridsen
updated about 17 hours ago

Collection of video game music that's available on vinyl. I'll try to add all that I can find. Feel free to message me if you find anything missing. I've changed the format so the list is now sorted alphabetically after game title. Compilation releases will be kept at the end of this list. I'm keeping track of all of these plus upcoming and rumored releases here:

Due to Discogs lists' inability to show more than 250 items at a time I cannot alphabetize new items in this list perfectly anymore (because there's more than 250). The optimal way to use the list is to set 'Show' to 250 and then browse between the pages which will be alphabetized independently.

  1. Front Line Assembly - AirMech


    Yellow vinyl, 100 copies

  2. Front Line Assembly - AirMech


    Brown vinyl, 150 copies

  3. Front Line Assembly - AirMech


    Clear vinyl, 300 copies

  4. Chris Vrenna - Wonderland Woods (Tweaker Remix) / Take the Pill

    American McGee's Alice, Enter The Matrix

  5. David Wise - Battletoads


    Regular version, 3000 copies

  6. David Wise - Battletoads


    SDCC2015 exclusive version, 300 copies

  7. Garry Schyman - BioShock 2


    EU press

  8. Dva (3) - Botanicula Soundtrack


    Black vinyl version, 400 copies

  9. Dva (3) - Botanicula Soundtrack


    Amber vinyl version, 300 copies

  10. Dva (3) - Botanicula Soundtrack


    Turquoise vinyl version, 300 copies