'Vinyl Only' Goa tracks

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Following this thread, here is a list of Goa trance tracks which never appeared or never appeared in full length on official CDs.

The list is huge and would have never been done without the effort of myrath who did the original list. Without him this list wouldn't have been possible so the first big thanks go to him.

The second big thanks goes to anyone who has contributed further in that thread especially to biospherend who seems to scrutinise every atom of the tracks ;)

The list includes Goa tracks released up to 1999 mainly which is arguably the last year when true Goa Trance was released. Only a very few Goa tracks have been released on vinyl in 2000 and most have appeared in full on CDs. The best examples of proper Goa Trance released on vinyl between 2000-1 are Dimension 5 - Second Phaze, Electron Wave - The Uncertainty Principle and Ra - To Sirius but of course these have their CD equivalent. Proper Goa on vinyl after 2001 like Chi-A.D. - Liquid Neon Sky is extremely rare and will not be added to the list - (edit 2016:- Book of Eden now on Earth Crossing anyway).

Hope that this list will inspire people behind labels like DAT Records, DAT Mafia Recordings, Anjuna Records and Zion 604 and anyone reading this to release more Goa CDs with tracks who never made it to CD.

I'm sure that with such a big list there will be tracks which are not really Goa Trance. This will happen with obscure vinyls from 'non-normally' Goa artists. One man's Trance is the other man's Techno and my Hard Trance is your Goa Trance. Not much you can do with style debates and obscure releases will have style changed sometime. The list will right now include any vinyl with the tag 'Goa' up to '99 and the occasional 2000 release with only an exception or two having style as Techno/Trance/Acid and reason for the exception documented accordingly.

The track(s) in the comments are the tracks which never appeared on CDs. Occasionally some trivia is also added.

Some 'vinyl-only' tracks have been made available digitally in loss-less format. With time there will be more tracks made available in a loss-less format. At first these tracks were not going to be included in the list. However it was argued that tracks may at some point in time become unavailable for some reason or another so it's better to include them in the list and make a note that they are available digitally, when known.

Please contact me if you know more Goa styled vinyl only tracks which are not in the list. If you see errors and tracks of questionable style please also do contact me or just join the Group and post in the relevant topic.

As from December 2014 Cassette Only releases will also be added to the list. Think Russian tapes and artists like Parasense.

As from October 2021 it was decided that tracks which have been available lossless as long as they're NOT a vinyl rip will be removed from list. However for historical reasons the tracks which were once in the list and removed will be listed below.

Awaaz (2) - 1st Varta
Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Domestic Bliss / Brainscar / Advancing Aardvark - previously in list for Brainscar & Advancing Aardvark
Shakta - Silicon Trip - previously in list since the CD version is slightly mixed so might be that some tracks never made it in full on CD. For sure 'Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies' has an intro which never appeared on CDs.
Rastaliens - Uncertain Range / Hologram
Digitalis - The Third State - previously in for No Analysis / Figments Of Reality / Repeater (Clone Mix) / Digitalis - Satori / Digitalis - Shakta / Spiked / Widger - all Digitalis tracks are now on Digitalis - The Early Years: 1995-2000
Three-State Logic - A New Life / Violent Violet
Three-State Logic - Chromium Dioxide - previously in for Gradient On Path
Unconscious Collective - Fluorostan E.P. - previously in for Synchronicity Converger
Masaray - Time Traveler Of Trance EP - previously in for Xyber Siva (Aranbul Mix) / Cosmic Trancer (Buddha Mix)

  1. Adrenalin Drum - The Israel EP

    24 For Sale from $1.38

    Harddome (B2), which supposedly runs at 150 BPM.

  2. Aether - Opti-Mystic / Omniverse

    10 For Sale from $5.81

    Both appear on CD but Opti-Mystic has a duration of 9:56 on this vinyl which is longer than Fill Your Head With Phantasm Volume 4.

  3. Æternum* - Ensanity


  4. After Sunset - Jail Of Time

    Land Of Fantasy

  5. Alex Martin - Karma Wheels

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    Quite Goanish stuff.

  6. After Sunset - Another World

    Guardian Of Time

  7. Alien Mutation - Starship Heart Of Gold

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    Starship Heart Of Gold