Vinyl: Records and Covers by Artists - Monographs

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Records listed in the first chapter of the book Vinyl - Records and Covers by Artists: Monographs.
Written by Guy Schraenen, published in 2005.

NODY = Not On Discogs Yet

Artists and labels not listed on Discogs yet:
Rochelle Holt: Yellow Pears Smooth As Silk, 7", Ragnarok Press, 1975
Nazareno Noya: Mannaggia L'Entropia, 7", Galleria Eros, 1975
Ulrike Rosenbach: Ariavrhod, Cassette, Edition Dietmar Schneider, 1982
Unknown Artist: Formen Hören Klänge Sehen, 12" Flexi, Neckarwerke, 1990
Unknown Artist: Gotische Lippen, CD, Clavis Records, 1995 (Performer Irmgard Dahms, Isolde Loock, Edith Pundt, Anne Schlöke)

  1. Baleines* - Le Chant Des Baleines

    14 For Sale from $10.59

    Listed under Payne, Roger & Katy

  2. Karl Valentin - Karl Valentin

    Vinyl version: LP, Teldec Schallplatten GmbH, 1975

  3. Erik Satie - Entracte · Musique D'Ameublement · Sonnerie Pour Réveiller Le Roi Des Singes · Vexations

    15 For Sale from $15.00

    Listed as "Cinéma ENTRACTE De Relâche. Musiques D'Ameublement"

  4. Salvador Dalí - Être Dieu (Ópera-Poema)

    10 For Sale from $135.29

    Listed as "Etre Dieu. Opera-Poema"