Vocation: Vocoder - The Ultimate Vocoder List

By funk_wid_it
updated 8 months ago

Welcome to my ultimate vocoder list - Vocation: Vocoder

A comprehensive and exhaustive list I am, with the help of a few friends, trying to make this the most definitive vocoder resource list of all time. When I set out to compile this list never ever did I expect to get to a total of 3,148 records and counting. So for those of you that view this list, it's a very handy resource to discover all those vocoder related tunes that you might not have heard or discovered yet. But be sure to give yourself a good few hours to spare - it's highly addictive!

Here you'll find all old school & new school 7" / 12" / EP / LP / CD vocoder tunes in all the following dance music genres: Italo-Disco, Electro, Electro Funk, Electro Rap, Detroit Techno, Boogie, Latin Freestyle, Disco, Funk, New Beat, House, Miami Bass, Rap, Synth-Pop, HI-NRG, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, Soundtracks, Ambient, Electronica and - dare I say it - even Heavy Metal !!! The years covered are 1977 - 2021.

And yes, before anyone begins to wonder, I'll also let the talkbox in. The same goes for pitch-shift vocals, Speak 'n' Spell speech and all other kinds of robot voices/effects. Auto-tune related stuff will definitely NOT be added, however.

Now answer the following questions to see if you qualify as a vocoder freak: Do you love the vocoder? Do you have an unhealthy affinity towards robots? Do you have a big blow-up poster of the famous Roland TR 808 hanging on your wall? Do you think space is the place? Love all things Sci-Fi? Do you know all things vocoder related - even vocoder featured in '80s cartoons, computer games and TV adverts? Have you read Dave Tompkins' How To Wreck A Nice Beach? Have mad love for the year 1984? If you can answer "yes" to most of these questions, then you'll almost certainly be a vocoder freak, and you'll definitely be in vocoder heaven reading this (rather large) list!

I'll keep on adding to the list as and when I / my friends happen to think of them. Notice a record that is not currently on the list that you think should belong there? Be sure to let me know and I'll add it ASAP. I usually update the list at least a few times a month, so I would recommend checking back to check for regular updates. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated, please feel free to get in touch.

Respect to all vocoder freaks.

Leon (aka 'justice808' & 'funk_wid_it')

Finally, a big shout out to all of the following: Bakema-NL, blowie (Colin), Bokkiebeh (Miquel), broose, dmp, EJ808 (Seb), encarnita (Fab), FunkCollector, heiniholzbein, Kai-Q, kme-213, MC ZROCK (Ingo), mixer167, moogacid, point (Christian), piano, theelectronicfriend, Tommy Koi and wulfgang (boggietroid). Many thanks for all your help, additional input and recommendations.

Records not yet listed on Discogs:-

1.Dallas Street Band - 'Party Rock' (?) 198?
2.The Egyptian Lover - 'Instrumentals and Demos Vol 1 & 2' () 2017
3. The Fabulous Diamonds - You're Everything To Me (LINIC Records 7") 198?
4.'Galaxy High Cartoon Theme' (?) 1984 :) ;) :D

Hopefully, someone will be able to add any / all of these to the database asap.

  1. 4 For Sale from $55.00

    Possibly my favourite vocoder jam of all time!

  2. Fantastic Electro Rap w/ vocoder.

    The instrumental version is pure vocoder!

  3. Ultra rare vocoder Electro from Disco kings Patrick Adams and Peter Brown!

  4. 3 For Sale from $44.22

    A1.Computer Funk
    B1.Computer Funk(Part 2)

    Early and rare DXJ classic!

  5. 7 For Sale from $9.00

    B1.All Systems Go

    Awesome vocoder Electro jam that features a fantastic TB303 bassline!

  6. 6 For Sale from $6.00

    Excellent westcoast vocoder must-have!

  7. 11 For Sale from $9.02

    Ultimate downtempo Larry and Roger Troutman classic!

  8. A1.Tyrone Matherson - Feel Free To Dance

    Like most on this label, this one is ultra rare.

  9. 4 For Sale from $80.00

    Truly dope 1989 vocoder bomb!

  10. 1 For Sale from $75.00

    B1.Jonny Shaka - Shake Your Pants

  11. Dope vocoder Funk at its very best.

    Killer jam!

  12. 46 For Sale from $1.78

    B3.The Fine Line Between Hyper And Stupid

    Produced by Hashim!

  13. 7 For Sale from $30.00

    Fantastic female vocal / vocoder duet.

    Big tip!

  14. 3 For Sale from $5.21

    B1.Electric Body

    One of my all-time faves!

  15. 2 For Sale from $295.00

    A1.She's Got It Going
    A5.Get It On

    This LP is ultra rare.

  16. B1.Breaking Out

    Another John Davis classic!

  17. 2 For Sale from $60.00

    Rare and sought after vocoder Funk bomb!

    Very brief sub label of Macola - think this was the only release.

  18. Different (not to mention better) version to the regular pressing!

  19. 8 For Sale from $30.00

    B1.The Future

    Vocoder bomb!

  20. 1 For Sale from $210.53

    Freakin' rare Miami vocoder Electro Funk heat!
    Produced by the great Rick Finch.

  21. Obscure and very rare 7" only release.

  22. 53 For Sale from $2.00

    B1.Nunk (Instrumental)

    It's all about the dope vocoder instrumental version.

    Uber classic from 1982!

  23. 2 For Sale from $60.00

    Yet another rare and hard to find Frank Cornelius production!