Vocation:Vocoder - The Ultimate Vocoder List

By funk_wid_it funk_wid_it
updated about 1 month ago

Welcome to my Ultimate Vocoder List - Vocation:Vocoder

A comprehensive and exhaustive list I am, with the help of a few buddies, trying to make this the most definitive vocoder list of all time. When I set out to compile this list never ever did I expect to get to a total of 3,100 records and counting. So for those of you that view this list, it's a very handy resource to discover all those vocoder related tunes that you might not have heard or discovered yet. But be sure to give yourself a good few hours to spare - it's highly addictive!

Here you'll find all old school & new school 7" / 12" / EP / LP / CD vocoder tunes in all the following dance music genres: Italo-Disco, Electro, Electro Funk, Electro Rap, Detroit Techno, Boogie, Latin Freestyle, Disco, Funk, New Beat, House, Miami Bass, Rap, Synth Pop, HI-NRG, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Pop, Soundtracks, Ambient, Electronica and - dare I say it - even Heavy Metal !!! The years covered are 1977 - 2020 and all records are in a totally random order.

And yes, before anyone begins to wonder, I'll also let the Talkbox in. The same goes for pitch-shift vocals, Speak 'n' Spell and all other kinds of robot voices / effects. All Auto-Tune related stuff will definitely NOT be added.

Now answer the following questions to see if you qualify as a vocoder freak: Do you love the vocoder? Do you have an unhealthy affinity towards robots? Do you have a big-blow up poster of the famous Roland TR 808 hanging on your wall? Do you think space is the place? Love all things Sci-Fi? Do you know all things vocoder related - even vocoder featured in 80s cartoons, computer games and TV adverts? Have you read Dave Tompkins' 'How To Wreck A Nice Beach'? Have mad love for the year 1984? If you can answer "yes" to most of these questions, then you'll almost certainly be a vocoder freak, and you'll definitely be in vocoder heaven reading this list Y'all!

I'll keep on adding to the list as and when I / my buddies happen to think of them. I usually update the list at least a few times a month so I would recommend checking back to see regular updates. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated - please feel free to get in touch. Happen to notice a record not in the list that you think should belong here? Be sure to let me know and I'll add it ASAP.

Total amount of records in list at time of edit:3,100.

Respect to all vocoder freaks.

Leon (aka 'justice808' & 'funk_wid_it')

Finally, a big shout out to all my vocoder buddies / helpers: Bakema-NL, blowie (Colin), Bokkiebeh (Miquel), broose, dmp, EJ808 (Seb), encarnita (Fab), FunkCollector, heiniholzbein, Kai-Q, kme-213, MC ZROCK (Ingo), mixer167, moogacid, peinti (Christian), peeano, theelectronicfriend,Tommy Koi and wulfgang (boggietroid).

Many thanks for all your help, additional input and recommendations. Respect guys.

Records that belong in this list but can't yet be added as they are not yet listed on Discogs are as follows:-

1.Dallas Street Band - 'Party Rock' (?) 198?
2.The Egyptian Lover - 'Instrumentals and Demos Vol 1 & 2' () 2017
3.The Fabulous Diamonds - You're Everything To Me (LINIC Records 7") 198?
4.'Galaxy High Cartoon Theme' (?) 1984 :) ;) :D

Hopefully someone will be able to add any / all of these to the database asap.

  1. Rodney Stepp - Break-Out

    7 For Sale from $44.99

    Possibly my favourite vocoder jam of all time!

  2. Mr. P (7) And The Star Skate Crew - Roller Skate Rap

    1 For Sale from $400.00

    Fantastic Electro Rap w/ vocoder.

    The instrumental version is pure vocoder!

  3. IOU - Chill Out

    Ultra rare vocoder Electro from Disco kings Patrick Adams and Peter Brown!

  4. Osé - Computer Funk

    8 For Sale from $19.49

    A1.Computer Funk
    B1.Computer Funk(Part 2)

    Early and rare DXJ classic!

  5. Crazy Eddie (3) & Jazaq - Come On Party People (Lets Ge Down)

    6 For Sale from $9.00

    B1.All Systems Go

    Awesome vocoder Electro jam that features a fantastic TB303 bassline!

  6. H.C. Smooth - Let's Rock-Non-Stop

    6 For Sale from $16.40

    Excellent westcoast vocoder must-have!

  7. Zapp - Computer Love

    6 For Sale from $4.63

    Ultimate downtempo Larry and Roger Troutman classic!

  8. Tyrone Matherson / 10:30 Musical Organisation - Feel Free To Dance / Goodbye Baby (Love Has Gone Away)

    A1.Tyrone Matherson - Feel Free To Dance

    Like most on this label, this one is ultra rare.

  9. Steve Masters - Turntable Aktion

    3 For Sale from $93.55

    Truly dope 1989 vocoder bomb!

  10. Kim Lamour / Johnny Shaka - Love Maker / Shake Your Pants

    2 For Sale from $75.00

    B1.Jonny Shaka - Shake Your Pants

  11. Jefferson Ink.* - Girl You Turn Me On

    1 For Sale from $279.07

    Dope vocoder Funk at its very best.

    Killer jam!

  12. Tone-Lōc* - I Got It Goin' On

    41 For Sale from $2.00

    B3.The Fine Line Between Hyper And Stupid

    Produced by Hashim!

  13. Fredi Grace & Rhinstone* - Love Thang

    1 For Sale from $35.00

    Fantastic female vocal / vocoder duet.

    Big tip!

  14. Vaughan Mason & Krush (5) - Breakers Anthem / Electric Body

    8 For Sale from $5.60

    B1.Electric Body

    One of my all-time faves!

  15. Tutt Band - Tutt Band

    A1.She's Got It Going
    A5.Get It On

    This LP is ultra rare.

  16. John Davis - Check It Out / Breaking Out

    B1.Breaking Out

    Another John Davis classic!

  17. Oscar T* - My Knees Get Weak

    4 For Sale from $65.00

    Rare and sought after vocoder Funk bomb!

    Very brief sub label of Macola - think this was the only release.

  18. The Troids - Boogie Troids (From Mars)

    Different (not to mention better) version to the regular pressing!

  19. Projeckt III - M-O-N-E-WHY? (Am I Broke)

    7 For Sale from $37.97

    B1.The Future

    Vocoder bomb!

  20. Modern Age - Freak In Heat

    Freakin' rare Miami vocoder Electro Funk heat!
    Produced by the great Rick Finch.

  21. Nise* - Dancin' On Air

    Obscure and very rare 7" only release.

  22. Warp 9 - Nunk

    29 For Sale from $2.26

    B1.Nunk (Instrumental)

    It's all about the dope vocoder instrumental version.

    Uber classic from 1982!

  23. Professor Funk (2) - Professor Funk

    4 For Sale from $60.00

    Yet another rare and hard to find Frank Cornelius production!