CDs manufactured by DADC (Pitman) (my collection only)

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DADC Austria/Sony DADCDADC (US)DADC (Pitman)CBS/Sony/SMEJ (Japan)

DADC's facility in Pitman, NJ was known as Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman before Sony took over in 1988 and converted it to making only CDs for CBS labels. This list is CDs in my collection which I believe were made at that plant.

Common identifiers:
• matrix thru 1999 includes (in varying order): a code like 1A, 2A, or 1B; a 2-digit code 01 to 09; and a letter+digit code which seems to slowly increment, starting in 1989 with just A, reaching G5 in 1999.
• late 1980s hub stamp: CMU P ## (easily spotted)
• 1990–1997 hub stamp: P ## (easy to miss, it's right by the inner edge of the hub, sometimes cut off)
• IFPI L42x / 72xx SID codes starting circa 1996 (see below)
• Code 39 matrix barcode through 1995; it embodies the cat# without spaces
• Typical DADC matrix barcode starting 1996; not yet decoded
• No four-character "DIDX"-style codes in matrix until 1996.
• Never any DADC crosshair symbols

We are allowed to add Pressed By - DADC, Pitman for these discs, based on the presence of "P" or "CMU P" stamps on the hub, followed by numbers. These codes can be added to BAOI Other fields.

Unfortunately, many CDs have Pressed By - Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman due to vague advice that was given in that company's profile. I've updated the profile and I believe these should all be converted to DADC, Pitman unless there is proof that the DADC name did not apply prior to a certain date.

According to the company profile, Sony eventually replaced the manufacturing equipment and the discs pressed at this plant became indistinguishable (as far as is yet known) from those pressed at other DADC plants. Indeed, I cannot say with certainty where any of these were pressed, if they do not have the "P" hub stamp. Those without the "P" could have been mastered or pressed at DADC's plants in Springfield OR and Carrolton GA, both of which started CD production in 1995. We just don't know yet what discs from those plants look like. One thing I am sure of though: they must have provided some way to tell the discs apart, for anti-piracy and quality control purposes.

Mastering SIDs seen so far (1995+): IFPI L422 / L423 / L424
Mould SIDs seen so far (1995+): IFPI 7231 / 7223 / 7244 / 7274 / 72019 (yes really)

  1. Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine* - Let It Loose

    4 For Sale from $1.98

    2A EK40769 02
    CMU P 33
    © 1987

  2. Kool Moe Dee - Knowledge Is King

    4 For Sale from $2.99

    1B J201182 09 A
    CMU P 73
    © 1989

  3. Bizarre Inc - Energique

    22 For Sale from $1.49

    1A CK53009 08 C3
    P 66
    © 1992

  4. Midi Rain - Fire

    3 For Sale from $9.49

    1A44K77291 03 C3
    P 60
    © 1993

  5. Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn?

    11 For Sale from $2.99

    1A44K74925 03 C2
    nothing on hub
    © 1993

  6. Sade - The Best Of Sade

    9 For Sale from $3.49

    1A EK66686 02 C3
    P 99
    8 Nov 1994
    matrix barcode: EK66686 with leading space

  7. Cyndi Lauper - Twelve Deadly Cyns... And Then Some

    38 For Sale from $0.83

    E2 1A EK66100 02
    P ## [illegible]
    © 1995
    IFPI L422 / 7223

  8. Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl

    3 For Sale from $8.00

    DIDP-092708 F3 1A 01
    © 1996
    IFPI L423 / 7298
    earliest disc spotted so far with the DADC barcode style; no hub stamp
    Notably there's another pressing with no DIDP # on the disc face or matrix.

  9. Sylk 130 - Gettin' Into It

    21 For Sale from $1.00

    44K-78474 F2 1A 01
    © 1997
    latest hub stamp spotted so far; no SID codes but has DADC barcode

  10. King Britt Presents Sylk 130 - When The Funk Hits The Fan (The Remixes)

    20 For Sale from $1.70

    CTDP-097518 G3 1A 01
    3 Mar 1999
    IFPI L423 / 7274

  11. Herbie Hancock - Future Shock

    13 For Sale from $4.49

    DIDP-099177 G5 2A 01
    © 1999
    IFPI L424 / 72019
    weird 5-digit mold code

  12. Bangles - Playlist: The Very Best Of The Bangles

    6 For Sale from $3.00

    CPDP-155219 1
    © 2008
    IFPI L329 / IFPI 7244
    I put this in the DADC (US) list too because of IFPI L329