Wax Trax Records Discography

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This is the full discography of Wax Trax Records, including some planned releases that never ended up coming out on Wax Trax

  1. ENO* - Lion Sleeps Tonite (Wimoweh) / Seven Deadly Fins

    The first release from the label, though it was really just a bootleg pressing of this 7"

  2. Strange Circuits - Industrial Living

    1 For Sale from $28.41

    This release predated Wax 001, yet was overlooked in the WAX numbering scheme

  3. Strike Under - Immediate Action

    Wax 001 - Credited as the first Wax Trax release, even though it had a couple unofficial predecessors

  4. Divine - Born To Be Cheap

    16 For Sale from $2.50

    WAX 002 - A one-off 7" from Divine

  5. Ministry - I'm Falling / Cold Life

    WAX 003 - The first release from Ministry, and what is largely considered the start of the actual label

  6. Front 242 - Endless Riddance

    WAX 004 - The first release from Front 242 in the US

  7. A Popular History Of Signs - Ladder Jack

    20 For Sale from $4.48

    WAX 005 - A domestic release of 2 tracks from the If She Was A Car 12" that was released on Jungle Records in Europe, along with 2 new remixes by Al Jorgensen. This was supposed to be followed by a domestic release of their first full album, but that never happened.

  8. A Popular History Of Signs - Comrades

    Based on a press release from the era, a US release of the first album from A Popular History Of Signs was planned to follow the first 12". This never happened, and the album was never released domestically.

  9. Blackouts* - Lost Soul's Club

    WAX 006 The final release from Seattle's The Blackouts. 3/4 of the band joined MInistry beginning with their 1986 tour, after the band dissolved.

  10. The Blackouts - History In Reverse

    The first 3 songs on this compilation were the unreleased final 12" from the Blackouts. It never saw release, but was almost surely to be released on Wax Trax until the breakup of the band.

  11. Ministry - All Day / Everyday (Is Halloween)

    WAX 007 - Ministry returns to Wax Trax for a few singles after releasing With Sympathy on Arista

  12. Minimal Compact - Next One Is Real

    WAX 008 - The only Wax Trax release for Minimal Compact from Isreal

  13. Front 242 - No Comment

    WAX 010 - The first full album on Wax Trax from Front 242. Some versions of this also came with WAX 010A, a 7" with 2 live tracks.

  14. Revolting Cocks - No Devotion

    WAX 011 - The first Revolting Cocks release. Note that Jourgensen is only listed as "producer" on the first 12".

  15. Wiseblood - Motorslug

    29 For Sale from $3.00

    Wax 012 - A 12" from Foetus' Wiseblood project

  16. Coil - Aqua Regis · Panic · Tainted Love

    19 For Sale from $9.43

    WAX 013 - The first Wax Trax release from Coil, and their first US release as well.

  17. Luc Van Acker - Luc Van Acker

    19 For Sale from $4.99

    WAX 015 - The first Wax Trax release from Luc Van Acker

  18. Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land

    10 For Sale from $8.55

    WAX 017 - The first full-length from the Revolting Cocks

  19. Ministry - Experimental Album: Double U - Ey - Eks - Zero - One - Nine

    7 For Sale from $27.00

    WAX 019 - The never-released ambient album from the Ministry camp

  20. Ministry - Halloween (Remix) / Nature Of Outtakes

    WAX 020 - There are 2 different versions, one is die-cut and the other isn't

  21. Die Hornissen - Zwei Jahre / Two Years

    6 For Sale from $39.77

    Unreleased on Wax Trax, but according to a 1984 interview with Al Jourgensen, this was planned for release.