Weird/Interesting Packaging

By Bitter_Dose Bitter_Dose
updated 1 day ago

Compiling Unique/werid/intresting stuff from music releases I mostly don't have but think are interesting. If you've got any suggestions, please send me a PM.

  1. Marzuraan - MZ Vs Glasgow

    Stenciled Cardboard insert with Spraypainted CD-r + Nazi Stamp!

  2. Wraiths - The Grey Emperor

    8 For Sale from $5.00

    CD In wax sealed envelope

  3. Repeated Viewing - Frozen Existence

    VHS + 5'' Lathe and popcorn + tonnes of inserts

  4. Demons - Life Destroyer

    2 For Sale from $4.99

    CD-r + Cassette In Square Box

  5. Various - Untitled

    2 For Sale from $101.00

    13 7'' Box Set

  6. Alivia Zivich & Nate Young - Boxes

    4 x 6'' Lathe Box Set

  7. Stare Case - The Drifter Box

    2 For Sale from $48.00

    CD + Cassette In Round Tin / Box

  8. TNB* - A Beginner's Guide To

    Cassette In Rotten Box

  9. The New Movement (2) - Anticity

    2 x Single Sided 7'' plus rot covered LP

  10. The New Movement (2) - Für Den Fortgeschrittenen Nihilist

    1 For Sale from $22.73

    CDr and shaped 6" s/sided Anti-record is housed in a 15x15cm brown envelope with pasted artwork

  11. TNM Sinfonietta* - Antisane

    Handmade jacket consisting of 2× decorated transparent thick acrylic sheets.
    The jewelcase for the cassette is collaged and painted in ssme way as the acrylic sheets.
    Included is also a Anti LP which was used as part of the track on side B of the cassette.
    And a handmade original 12"×12" insert is also included.

  12. Michael Ridge - Eco Latex

    Lathe Made Of Latex

  13. Torturing Nurse / Zebra Mu - Split

    Colour labels are mounted onto each black cassette with double-sided colour artwork printed onto two sheets of white card. Every cassette is folded inside B&W collage artwork printed onto yellow paper and held together with a rubber-stamped colour sticker. A 35mm vintage colour slide of Hong Kong or miscellaneous cloth patch comes with every copy. Packaged in a clear zip lock bag.

  14. Psychic Ills - Telesthetic Tape

    Zip lock Bag Cassette

  15. Jackals - "We Are Jackals"

    Cassette In printed Cloth Pouch! Adorable

  16. øjeRum - He Remembers There Were Gardens

    Cassette With Rubber Tubing

  17. Panther Skull - Slothwave Wood Box

    1 For Sale from $58.00

    Cassette In Wooden Box

  18. Moss (6) - The Tormented

    Impossible to open art Cassette

    Looks like a cross between a piece of "Mise en Scène" from a sifi movie and a reject from Robot Wars all for a really neat doom metal tape. Go figure.

  19. Nadir (15) - Nadir

    Cassette In Ziplock Bag with Patch, booklet, and sticker