Weirdest!...ever album covers list?!

By D.JKruliq D.JKruliq
updated about 1 year ago

Here is most of what's on the's "Weirdest Ever Covers" countdown. Unfortunately, this countdown is not in perfect order. The Gigwise list (itself) is missing some albums on their own countdown. Could it be, that the missing covers are too controversial to see in the U.S.(?!) It's quite possible. Am sure most people know about the way too strict rules concerning nudity/ obscenity here in the U.S. Anyway, their actual Number #1 pick on their list is truly scary! Look on to see what I mean. Started at Number #50 from the top [▲], continuing on to the next five pages, and finally (down "▼") to the last page 'below' at Number #1. Added some other very cool suggestions (much thanks for those!! ;-) and a few own picks to sort of, fill in the gap. Please do enjoy!

  1. Wire - Take A Terrifying Trip To The Past!

    A mystery as to who came up with the very cool cover. Could've easily been a Misfits (punk band) cover, maybe?!! Number #50 on the list.

  2. Ben Arthur - Edible Darling

    9 For Sale from $2.30

    Neither edible and certainly not kissable!

  3. Various - Sampler 8 January 2004

    This promo sampler uses the exact art for Ben Arthur's "Edible Darling" album (Number #49 on the Gigwise list). See how weird it clearly is? (-; :-P

  4. Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto* - Trans Europe Express

    3 For Sale from $10.00

    Is Kraftwerk on board this express? Yes, it's a trick question...heh heh.

  5. Ohm:* - Circus Of Sound

    Almost 3-D like isn't it?

  6. Bob & Tom - Shabbey Road

    Why is "Tricky Dick" Nixon, er Richard on this road? Maybe, he turned Abbey into Shabbey.

  7. 臨界モスキー党 - 幸福実現サピエンス

    2 For Sale from $31.00

    Proving Darwin wrong on an 'Abbey Road' kinda road? Don't know, but this one is cool.

  8. The Pickin' On Pickers - Pickin' On The Beatles

    4 For Sale from $3.49

    Which one is Ringo again? Ha ha. ;-)

  9. The Woofers And Tweeters Ensemble - Beatle Barkers

    Truly, the weirdness is on this record seriously! :-P

  10. Uncle Lar And Li'l Tommy - Animal Stories Volume I

    Not as weird a cover, as the animalistic contents on this comedy album, just being real! ;-P

  11. Uncle Lar And Li'l Tommy - Animal Stories Volume II

    More listening weirdness to be found here and below ['▼'].

  12. Horizont (6) - Silent Moon

    If you wanted to see the core, here you go. ;-P

  13. Jerry Garcia - Garcia

    Honestly, don't know why this is here, but this album art makes me want to scratch my noggin (as in my head). Why you ask? The reason for its presentation is unclear to the eyes from what I could tell. Try for yourself, if you can figure it out.

  14. Paul Butterfield - Put It In Your Ear

    In the ear? Ok! Then what happens? ;-0 (:-P

  15. Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua De Annique - In Your Room

    Um, er ...her way to make an entrance?

  16. Beroshima - The Catastrophe Ballet

    Looking for that contact lens? Good luck with that mate.

  17. Ромин Стон - Ромин Стон

    Title should (really) translate to "A Weirdo in the Midst". Undeniably strange, huh?

  18. Kula Shaker - Hush

    5 For Sale from $1.18

    The Archduke Franz Ferdinand with hot legs?! Pardon the pun here, heh. ;-P

  19. Chromeo - Fancy Footwork

    They got legs?!

  20. Terre Thaemlitz - Oh, No! It's Rubato

    A funny play on Devo (as in the music and album title) and yes...Potatoes!

  21. Umphrey's McGee - The Bottom Half

    2 For Sale from $13.99

    Curiously bulbous and ready to peel?

  22. Blonde Redhead - Spring And By Summer Fall

    1 For Sale from $17.24

    If only tennis was this interesting?! Oh L♀ve, l♂VE, luv.

  23. Bear Lincoln - Bare Lincoln

    1 For Sale from $4.99

    Honestly Abe, it's the right to bare, er bear arms not butts!