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Dj Pierre after spearheading the creation of acid house in Chicago later single-handedly created a second style of house music named Wild Pitch after relocating to NYC in 1990. He developed a sound that simply took its time to take off, meaning long intros, droppin layer onto layer of strings, repetitive vocal samples, and filtered hypnotic sounds onto a hard house groove, often based on reversed breakbeat loops. Hugely influential on the early 90s generation of djs & producers such as Junior Vasquez, Felix Da Housekat, Roy Davis Jr., Farley & Heller, and X-Press 2, the Wild Pitch disciples were more than happy to pay him homage. The original name 'Wild Pitch' derived from a series of NYC parties of the same name, initiated by Bobby Konders and David Camacho, then including Pierre himself. Pierre named some of his productions in the vein after the parties and it became a trademark once his new style became popular in the early 90's.


"Before the Shelter and after the Paradise Garage there was WILD PITCH parties. I thought it was self-explanatory that the Pierre Wild Pitch mixes were named after the Wild Pitch parties."

  1. Hercules - 7 Ways

    "Wild Pitch was a continuation of the more "sinister" side of early Chicago house, including Pierre's Phuture project - dark-sounding tracks with deep threatening voice samples, heavy percussion and acid squelches... think Lil' Louis "Blackout" or Hercules "7 Ways"... ~kompressorkanonen

  2. Photon, Inc.* Featuring Paula Brion - Generate Power

    Pierre's first single once in NYC was Photon Inc.'s "Generate Power," a dancefloor barnstormer released on the relatively mainstream dance label Strictly Rhythm. "Generate Power" was the formal debut for Pierre's new production method the Wild Pitch, created with a quickly backspun sample which generated a crispy lightning-strike of sound similar to the acid squelch. Besides featuring on a host of DJ Pierre remixes and productions, it became standard fare for scores of producers during the next few years, just as the sound of the TB-303 had earlier"~AMG

    "Pierre's first release for Strictly Rhythm as it entered its second half century (SR 12 051) was 'Generate Power' under the moniker Photon Inc. This instant dancefloor smash saw Pierre debut another innovative technique, Wild Pitch, created with a quickly backspun sample which created a crisp burst of sound the like of which hadn't been heard before."~Strictly Rhythm

    "'Generate Power' is pretty much THE wildpitch record."~iamelectron

    "Generate Power is quite possibly the most amazing 1991 house record I've ever heard (not that I've heard them all by any means). It captures very well the uplifting care free vibes of the year. "~Stuckin1992

  3. Yo Yo Honey - Groove On

    10 For Sale from $1.99

    Yo Yo Honey - Groove On - DJ Pierre Dub


  4. Phuture - Rise From Your Grave

    48 For Sale from $5.64

    "Rise From Your Grave (Wild Pitch Mix)"


  5. Joint Venture - Master Blaster (Turn It Up) / Somewhere In Space

    34 For Sale from $4.50

    "Back in 1992 this was my first taste of Pierre and his 'wild pitch' style, and since then, through countless releases and remixes, Master Blaster is still his most amazing tune- Period. "~pshel

    "Joint Venture (with George Morel)"~strictly


  6. Joint Venture / Phuture - Masterblaster (Turn It Up) / Rise From Your Grave

    8 For Sale from $5.64

    Masterblaster (Turn It Up) (Tha Wild Pitch Mix)


  7. DIY - Hothead

    2 For Sale from $6.00

    Hothead (Pierre's Wild Pitch Mix)

    Jan 93

  8. Phuture Scope - Plastic / Hands Of Time

    30 For Sale from $3.94

    "Plastic (Wild Pitch Mix)"

    "Plastic / Hands Of Time is a huge wildpitch record."~iamelectron


  9. DJ Pierre ’s Doomsday Project* - Atom Bomb


    Re-release in 1997 under Twisted with Remixes

  10. Audio Clash - Live And Die

    29 For Sale from $1.96

    "Live And Die (Wild Pitch Mix)"

    May 93

  11. Phuture Scope - What Is House Muzik? / Touch Me Right

    46 For Sale from $6.76

    "Man this thread brings back alot of memories. I had my first club redency back in 1994 while i was a junior in high school. The wild pitch sound was huge back then. I remember playing "What Is House Music" every night."~ericjustin


  12. Phuture The Next Generation - Times Fade

    29 For Sale from $3.38

    "Some DJ Skull tracks have the same kind of atmosphere although they're more techno." Mr Maney was involved with this which I consider an underrated wild pitch-styled masterpiece." ~kompressorkanonen


  13. Whirlpool Productions - From: Disco To: Disco

    31 For Sale from $17.12

    (DJ Pierre's Wild Pitch Mix)


  14. Felix "Da" Housecat* - Thee Dawn

    42 For Sale from $1.12

    "At the age of 15, Felix collaborated with Pierre on the classic track "Phantasy Girl" as Pierre's Pfantasy Club. Not only a key record of that era of dance music, it also signaled the start of a friendship and music mentoring that remains to this day. After losing interest in House for a few years, Felix decided to rejoin the business. With the help of DJ Pierre, he began producing and mixing again. By 1992, he had a hit with the single "Thee Dawn" on Guerilla Records. He became particularly popular in Europe, and the following year's "By Dawn's Early Light" and "Thee Industry Made Me Do It" cemented his reputation. In the early 1990s, Felix and Pierre helped pioneer the 'wild pitch' sound with tracks like "Thee Dawn".~Aphrohead

  15. Aphrohead AKA Felix Da Housecat - In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)

    One of the defining moments of the 90's for Felix was his single, "In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)" under his pseudonym, Aphrohead. Originally released on the UK label, Bush, "In The Dark We Live" was licensed by New York-based label, Emotive Records and released in the U.S. The Dave Clarke remix of "In The Dark We Live" was championed by NY legend Junior Vasquez at the infamous after-hours nightclub, Sound Factory. During 1995, he released his debut full-length Alone in the Dark (as Thee Maddkatt Courtship) on Deep Distraxion."~lyricsfreak

  16. Thee Madkatt Courtship* - Thee Madkatt Courtship E.P

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    " Felix's classic for me would have to be Thee Madkatt Courtship E.P "~iamelectron

  17. Thee Madkatt Courtship* - By Dawns Early Light

    10 For Sale from $1.13

    "Long live the Wildpitch"

  18. Phortune - Lose Control / Ramsey's Jazz

    38 For Sale from $2.82

    Roy Davis Jr production


  19. The Believers - Who Dares To Believe In Me?

    23 For Sale from $19.74

    "Early Roy Davis Jr. was also very heavily influenced by Pierre's sound. This release is a good example. "~_Hawk