By CykoMF CykoMF
updated 9 days ago

These titles have been removed from the main collection to make more room for 'the keepers'.
It's an incredible painful aspect of downsizing.

These items are tradable under the right circumstances. Holler if you see something you just can't live without.

Didn't get the idea for this until 4+ years into listing so I already had 3 white boxes worth of singles accumulated (Sorted by Artists A through D) that are not included here.

  1. The Supremes - Stoned Love

    51 For Sale from $0.25

    GD+, scuffy, LW:75, many marks,

  2. The Supremes - Nothing But Heartaches

    22 For Sale from $1.10

    VG, some marks, DH, TOL:A,

  3. Tower Of Power - You Ought To Be Havin' Fun

    33 For Sale from $1.49

    GD+ scuffy,
    mid tempo disco soul

  4. Dr. Hook - A Little Bit More / A Couple More Years

    111 For Sale from $0.25

    PSR, SWR:AB, Shiny, some marks, WDL,

  5. Dramatics* - Toast To The Fool

    23 For Sale from $0.59

    Very scuffy, some marks, WOL:A, LW:35,

  6. The Dramatics - Fell For You / Now You Got Me Loving You

    5 For Sale from $0.75

    Very scuffy, CHP, CRK, LW:45, WOL:A, ruff,

  7. The Dramatics - In The Rain / Toast To The Fool

    3 For Sale from $1.50

    Shiny, clean, couple tiny marks,

  8. B.B. King - There Must Be A Better World Somewhere

    7 For Sale from $0.60

    FS, SOL:AB, residue, SWR:AB, smokey,

  9. B.B. King - (You've Become A) Habit To Me

    25 For Sale from $2.25

    FS, mild scuffing, SOC:B,