Women Wearing Boots [11,000 covers to die for] 👢

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updated 3 days ago

*** For the record, this list was initiated on April 3, 2015 and made public on June 21, 2018 with 6381 entries. On June 21, 2021 it reached the 11,000th-entry milestone ***

Boots here, boots there, boots everywhere! Knee boots, ankle boots, laced boots, low boots, leather boots, etc. Aren't women beautiful with a pair of boots? You bet! Tribute and homage to honor such wonders, that's what this list is about.

The rules are simple:
- at least one woman (or a body part, likely to be a leg) wearing boots on the cover (front, back, inner... you name it).
- erotic/cheesecake/photoshoped scene/costumed lady covers are permitted.
- no dead people, nor mutilated body, nor shocking/porn images, nor drawing.

Also, have fun reviewing some entries:
- the TBC (To Be Confirmed): help me validating the selection or boo me "#49 is not with boots man! Are you on drugs or what?"
- the "GOTCHA": hard-to-spot-o or blurry entries. Use your eagle's eyes/radar and have a say.

The entries are shuffled to prevent the same artist from getting several covers in the row. With so many entries duplicates might co-exist, but the "master release" will always have the final word.

~~ Special shout out to all photographers, famous or anonymous, and other Discogs junkies that made this list possible ~~

Bootly yours.

  1. Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel

    And the winner is...
    The sexiest boot cover ever, no question. Likely to be the cover that made me start this list.

    Incredible look, incredible body, incredible place, incredible attitude, incredible style. Congratulations Emmylou, you are the greatest.

    There will be no preference order in that list, but this cover had to open the list.

    Boot Lovers Assemble !!!!

  2. Cumulus (2) - Idyll

    4 For Sale from $2.27


  3. Nancy Sinatra - How Does That Grab You?

    Nancy is definitely the lady who first put "boots" on the map.

  4. Cheryl Cole - Messy Little Raindrops

    interesting case: shoes or (low boots)? tbc