Women Wearing Boots

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*** For the record, this list was initiated in April 2015 and officially released on June 21st, 2018 - 1st day of summer, how ironic - with 6381 entries ***

Boots here, boots there, boots everywhere! Knee boots, ankle boots, laced boots, low boots, knee boots, etc. Aren't women beautiful with a pair of boots? No doubt!
Tribute, homage, honor to the beauty of such a sight... that's what this list is about.

Wanna help? Here are some simple rules if ever you want to send a contribution:
- at least one woman (or a body part, likely to be a leg) wearing boots on the cover (front, back, inner).
- erotic/cheesecake/photoshoped scene/costumed lady covers are permitted.
- no dead people, nor mutilated body, nor shocking/porn images, nor drawing.
- I'm the commander in chief here, I decide which entries fit in. In one word when it comes to boots, "this is not a democracy anymore".

Please contribute ! Especially ladies, as you are in the best position for improving this list, I really count on you.

If you got a some spare time take a minute and have fun reviewing my special entries:
- my TBC (To Be Confirmed): help me validating my choices or boo me "#49 is not with boots man! Are you on drugs or sth?"
- my "GOTCHA": hard-to-spot-on entries. Those were almost missed by my eagle's eyes/radar. I love those ;)

FYI the entries have been shuffled, (I'm trying) to prevent the same artist from getting several covers in the row and viewers to be bored.
And with so many entries duplicate might co-exist. Tell me if that's the case. Don't forget though that I always take the highest branch of the tree (ie "Master Release") whenever it makes sense.

PS: if you like the list, don't hesitate to send me an email, I will appreciate it, no doubt. And don't hesitate to share. To the future female artists to come, please think twice before making a cover and if you need some advice, just let me know. This is history in the making and the place to be, just saying...

~~ Special shout out to all photographers, famous or anonymous, and other Discogs junkies that made this awesome list possible ~~

"It's mystery to me how I get this far" but here I am. It has taken 3 years of my life and I am glad to finally share it with the world and to move on to another creative project. But enough talk boys and girls! Take your most beautiful boots, get ready and just enjoy the journey, because there is no other like this.

Sincerely yours.
This list is dedicated to MC, the best looking and sexiest woman in boots so far.

  1. Emmylou Harris - Elite Hotel

    And the winner is...
    The sexiest boot cover ever, no question. Likely to be the cover that made do it (this list).

    Incredible look, incredible body, incredible place, incredible attitude, incredible style. Congratulations Emmylou, you are the greatest.

    There will be no preference order in that list, but this cover had to open the list.

    Boot Lovers Assemble !!!!

  2. Nancy Sinatra - How Does That Grab You?

    Nancy definitely is the one who put "boots" on the map.

  3. Cheryl Cole - Messy Little Raindrops

    interesting case: shoes or (low boots)? tbc

  4. The Lords Of Altamont - The Altamont Sin

    tbc (not sure it's a drawing or not). what's your thought?

  5. Puss N Boots - No Fools, No Fun

    fat boots, love it!

  6. Skylar Grey Featuring Eminem - C'mon Let Me Ride

    I want to get dirty for once!

  7. 101 Strings - African Safari

    I killed wild beasts to make my boots, so what?