Worst covers ever

By Brokkoli Brokkoli
updated over 4 years ago

stolen from lists of the entire internet, even from Discogs...
...translated with the worst translation pages ever

sorry, I can't speak English and probably never will

  1. The Gerogerigegege - None Friendly

    1 For Sale from $89.29

    Japanese extreme musicians sometimes have children, who already can draw at the age of 3

  2. Cultural Amnesia - The Uncle Of The Boot

    2 For Sale from $50.00

    English industrial pioneers sometimes have children, who already can draw at the age of 2

  3. Self Control (3) - Self Control E.P.

    12 For Sale from $2.38

    self control ... is difficult

  4. Beastie Boys - Aglio E Olio

    12 For Sale from $9.51

    garlic and oil help against headache

  5. Old Time Relijun - Songbook Vol. I

    4 For Sale from $7.00

    when sun and moon both shine down from the sky, the most beautiful saxophone sounds come into existence

  6. Old Time Relijun - 2012

    15 For Sale from $3.00

    2012 is a year full of mythical creatures and fantastic happenings

  7. Baard - Life In A Goldfish Bowl

    3 For Sale from $45.71

    is boooooring

  8. Genesis - Abacab

    52 For Sale from $3.25

    2 x (ab) + ac = a² + b² = c²

  9. Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself

    15 For Sale from $3.57

    I did and I have a nose and a mouth

  10. Down I Go - This Is Disastercore

    6 For Sale from $5.89

    topic missed, record isn't called "The Contortion Of A Swimmer"

  11. Various - Fünf

    11 For Sale from $10.60

    Fünf is german for Five and this is the number of fingers on a human hand as you can clearly see

  12. Why? - Rubber Traits

    27 For Sale from $1.00

    a trait of rubber is that insects, humans and also dogs cannot eat it

  13. Why? - Elephant Eyelash

    12 For Sale from $14.00

    why does an elephant's eyelash firmly hang together with volcanos, ballons and red toenails?

  14. Why? - Eskimo Snow

    12 For Sale from $4.00

    the modern Eskimos bury their mummies with lots of colorful flowers deep under the snow

  15. Why? - Alopecia

    12 For Sale from $3.61

    horses on clouds rarely have Alopecia. why?

  16. X Ray Pop* - Növo Beatnik

    7 For Sale from $4.17

    some music causes Alopecia AND ear cancer

  17. Wavves - King Of The Beach

    12 For Sale from $2.99

    the king should kick the habit of smoking

  18. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

    43 For Sale from $1.00

    full of contrasts and expressive, but don't try this at home

  19. Yardbirds* - The Yardbirds

    15 For Sale from $47.62

    "Engineer - Roger" is the missing credit role for this release. I think it must be # 55 cause Roger (54) is the actual last number.
    He is also the one who stole the master tapes.

  20. Sparklehorse - Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot

    13 For Sale from $3.00

    plot stolen from "Stephen King - It"

  21. Agoraphobic Nosebleed / The Endless Blockade - Agoraphobic Nosebleed / The Endless Blockade

    5 For Sale from $7.00

    anxiety disorder causes nosebleeds and blocks endless creativity of art

  22. The Antlers - In The Attic Of The Universe

    1 For Sale from $154.75

    ...are stars called Red Giants

  23. Best Coast - Crazy For You

    29 For Sale from $1.62

    a cat is going crazy when it has to sit in the sunset on the water