You told me that music matters and to chase the dogs back from my door...

By Abbadabbadoo Abbadabbadoo
updated 3 months ago

Favourite bands that have influenced my life, and still do... Some decisions have been made because of one song or another...

  1. 1



    The Day Before You Came, So Long, Money Money Money...

  2. Imagine Dragons

    Thunder, Natural, It's Time..

  3. Bucks Fizz

    81-85... When We Were Young, Invisible, Easy Love...

  4. 2raumwohnung

    Body is Boss, Bei Dir Bin Ich Schön, Sexy Girl

  5. M People

    Renaissance, Just For You, How Can I Love You More

  6. 7



    Algorithm, Feeling Good,

  7. 8



    Le Freak, Good Times, Savoir Faire

  8. Hot Chocolate

    Going Through The Motions, Emma, Mindless Boogie

  9. Ultravox

    Going Through The Motions, Emma, Mindless Boogie

  10. Negramaro

    Voglio Molto Di Piu'...

  11. 12



    Don‘t Go, Goodbye 70s, Winter Kills

  12. Faithless

    Music Matters...

  13. Blancmange

    The Day Before You Came, Waves, Don‘t Tell Me

  14. Depeche Mode

    Just Can‘t Get Enough (Schizo Mix), The Sun And The Rainfall, Told You So

  15. Data (2)

    In Blue, Fallout, Romy Haag

  16. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

    Joan of Arc, Souvenir, Wrappup

  17. 20



    The Girls, Synthesize Me, Exit The Grey