Z95 FM Spotlights Vol. 1

By work1990 work1990
updated 2 months ago

Z95 FM works in Buenos Aires (Argentina) since 1988 to 1990 and have a mainly orientation to synth-pop, house, new beat and novice pop artists and singles of the era with tight diffusion in the media of our country...

  1. Dirty Harry - D'Bop

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    great tune of new beat, sounds a lot in Z95 FM for represents this new style of music during the first era of the radio (circa 1988-1989)

  2. David Bowie - Fame ’90

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    the gass mix

  3. Englandneworder* - World In Motion...

    Germany #1 Argentina #2 in the FIFA 1990 World Cup of Italy and this tune of New Order featured several members of English team doing the rap and also Keith Allen in lyrics...unforgettable soccer World Cup for our country and one of the best themes of the FIFA competitions of all-times.