_)(V)(-)'s Shaped Picture Discs

By CykoMF CykoMF
updated 20 days ago

List of picture discs in my collection.
It's a work in progress as I enter my collection into Discogs.

This started off as a list for 'SHAPED' discs so I could keep track of the ones that can't be filed away with the standard size records.

It now has become more of a catch all for any and all picture discs in my collection.
Except for the cardboard backed flexi 'cerial box' records. They have their own list.

  1. Clash* - Interview With Joe Strummer

    7 For Sale from $22.00

    Pistol shaped.
    Rather benign interview with noisy sound quality.
    Some bloke hammering in the background gives it an odd backbeat.

  2. The Lazy Cowgirls - Route 66

    4 For Sale from $10.00

    Hwy Shield Sign

  3. Various - Christmas Rock

    14 For Sale from $4.55

    Christmas tree

  4. Motörhead - Motörhead

    9 For Sale from $15.58

    round IS a shape too.