a. 60's Artists

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60's Artists and the music they made after.

  1. The Beach Boys - The Smile Sessions

    21 For Sale from $20.00

    SMiLE is found! 2011.

  2. The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile

    27 For Sale from $8.76

    The giraffe is stoned...SMiLE is lost.

  3. The Beach Boys - Friends

    14 For Sale from $12.65

    My fave BB's record and it is Brian's too! This is a true original album as no record sounds like it. Absolutely gorgeous. N

  4. The Beach Boys - Love You

    84 For Sale from $3.41

    The Greatest Beach Boys album after the 1960's. Truly, Brian's 2nd solo album after Pet Sounds. N

  5. The Surfsiders - The Surfsiders Sing The Beach Boys Songbook

    Classic album by the "they mean well" Surfsiders chopping BB tunes to shreds. Lots o' laughs, especially Rhonda. N

  6. The Beatles - Revolver

    16 For Sale from $18.99

    The Great Pop Masterpiece. 1976 UK Copy.

  7. The Beatles - Revolver

    60 For Sale from $14.00

    The Great Pop Masterpiece...in astonishing mono. THE last & greatest Beatles relic to be released by Apple...(except Carnival Of Light where Paul will have to be departed for it to see the light of day. N

  8. Don Randi Trio+* - Revolver Jazz

    8 For Sale from $12.99

    The Wrecking Crew play an entire Jazz version of Revolver...Sign me up! N

  9. The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

    6 For Sale from $54.45

    The 2nd greatest Beatles album. You guessed it...I think Sgt. Pepper is overrated. N

  10. George Harrison - Wonderwall Music

    13 For Sale from $9.99

    George...first solo LP, first #1 solo hit, first solo boxset, best solo writer... best Beatle. N

  11. George Harrison - George Harrison

    89 For Sale from $4.00

    My fave George album! This is his most complete statement after "All Things Must Pass". Every song belongs together...lesser known and George-ous. N

  12. George Harrison - The Best Of George Harrison

    36 For Sale from $8.99

    Amazing Best of...those songs all together! Wow and Wow. N

  13. George Harrison - Best Of Dark Horse 1976-1989

    5 For Sale from $28.00

    61 minutes of music, 14 tracks, making it one of the longest LP's ever made. A Great anthology! N

  14. George Harrison - When We Was Fab

    30 For Sale from $3.65

    Tough to find but in-CRED-ibly worth it. The best tribute to The Beatles by a Beatle. Amazing video too. N

  15. Lennon* / Plastic Ono Band* - Shaved Fish

    55 For Sale from $2.94

    George & John....no one put out better greatest hits albums. Well....maybe That Yardbirds LP. N

  16. Paul And Linda McCartney* - Ram

    14 For Sale from $1.27

    At 10, Uncle Albert was my gateway to all pop music...and is the only MacCartney album I own or need. N

  17. Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again

    15 For Sale from $10.00

    The Buffalo Springfield's masterpiece and their contribution to 1967's Summer of Love. Must own. N

  18. Buffalo Springfield - Last Time Around

    17 For Sale from $6.25

    Groovy Unipak gatefold and the deathnel for The Mighty Springfield.

  19. Buffalo Springfield - Retrospective - The Best Of Buffalo Springfield

    11 For Sale from $4.50

    One of THE great, Best Of... Comps. created by any band. A rare "stand on it's own" greatest hits collection. N

  20. Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield

    6 For Sale from $16.99

    Extended Full Version of Bluebird included on this dead cool 2 LP 70's Springfield twofer. N

  21. The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man / Turn! Turn! Turn!

    33 For Sale from $6.66

    Cool Inner Photos in this 1976 twofer by America's Greatest 60's band!! My Fave! N

  22. The Byrds - Fifth Dimension

    27 For Sale from $6.75

    Eight Miles High makes this album essential for all music fans. But "I See You", "5 D (5th Dimension)" and "The Lear Jet Song" also make it the first sign of Space-Rock to our collective consciousness. Mr. Spaceman indeed. N

  23. The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday

    18 For Sale from $20.45

    1996 Mono "Younger Than...." amazing re-issue but required a long, long wait on our part. Worth it though. Hillman writes!! N

  24. The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday

    21 For Sale from $6.75

    The Byrds first masterpiece out of two. "Notorious" is next!! This 1996 Mono "Younger Than...." is an amazing re-issue but required a long, long wait on our part. Worth it though. Hillman writes!! N`N